Marilyn David: I want a glass. About this big. Mmm, no, maybe about THIS big. And I don't care what you put in it - whiskey, hair tonic, rat poison - but whatever it is, when I finish drinking it, I want to be curled up in a little heap, right HERE.

Peter Dawes: But popcorn - ah, popcorn was made for watching the world go by. Look. I stick my hand in the bag without taking my eyes off the street. I throw some popcorn in my craw. I chew... and I'm still looking. That's what I call class.

Marilyn David: Sure. Peanut eaters don't know how to live.

Marilyn David: Pete, you're a smart fellow. What do poor little working girls usually do next?

Peter Dawes: Well, they usually drown themselves, one way or the other.

Marilyn David: I'll take the other.

Marilyn David: I'm just a freak!

Marilyn David: Why did you print those fake stories?

Peter Dawes: Oh, ho, ho, that. I...

Marilyn David: Go ahead.

Peter Dawes: Well, I did it because I love you, and that guy Gray hurt you. Nobody's gonna hurt you while I'm around and get away with it.

Marilyn David: That's what I thought. You old windmill.

Peter Dawes: Well, at least nobody'll ever walk out on you again.

Peter Dawes: Marilyn, tell me something. Do you love me?

Marilyn David: No.

Peter Dawes: That's the way to talk. No worries, no jealousies, just meeting here every Thursday and eating our popcorn... Why don't you love me?

Marilyn David: Maybe I don't know what love is, but I think I do.

Peter Dawes: What do you think?

Marilyn David: About love?

Peter Dawes: About love.

Marilyn David: I think when it hits me, I'll start running three feet off the ground.

Peter Dawes: You can duplicate that with a shot of bourbon on an empty stomach.