Ted Drew: Mother says I'm a throwback to my great-grandfather. He was a pirate.

Regi: Honest?

Ted Drew: No, a pirate.

Ted Drew: You're almost as good at this as my mother was.

Regi: Was there anything else your mother did?

Ted Drew: Mm-hmm... Before she turned out the lights, she always used to kiss me good night.

Regi: I'm only *almost* as good as your mother was.

[Ted suggests temporarily becoming Regi's platonic roommate]

Regi: Well, I'm not *that* unconventional.

Ted Drew: Aw, don't be old-fashioned. What are conventions anyway? Just a bunch of salesmen sitting around and telling stories.

Regi: It was lovely of you, but taking taxis when you haven't any money is a little foolish, isn't it?

Ted Drew: Foolish? Why, I had to take a taxi. I couldn't go out in this pouring rain and get my only suit all wet, could I?

Regi: Where's your overcoat?

Ted Drew: Ohhh, spending a little time in the pawnshop...

Regi: Well, why did you pawn your overcoat?

Ted Drew: Why, to pay for the taxi, of course. Dope!

Regi: We're exactly alike.

Ted Drew: No, ha ha, oh no, your hair is much prettier than...

Regi: We are! We're both trying to do the same thing: marry for money.

Ted Drew: Is that what you want to do?

Regi: Mm-hmm.

Ted Drew: Oh, no, you're too nice for that.

Regi: Well, I don't want to spend the rest of my life working in a barber shop.

Ted Drew: Well, but to go out in cold blood and deliberately marry somebody for money, that's no good.

Regi: Well, what are you doing?

Ted Drew: Well... Well, it's different for me: I'm a heel!

Regi: Well, did I ever say I wasn't one?

Ted Drew: Oh, father's living abroad. He has an amazing ability for borrowing money from practically total strangers. Unfortunately, that ability isn't hereditary.

Regi: How could the Drews be broke?

Ted Drew: Well, do you remember that thing called the Crash?

Regi: Yes.

Ted Drew: Well, that was us.

Laura: Yeah, and maybe here's that ten million dollars you've been dreaming about.

Regi: The way I feel today, I'd settle for a million.

Regi: You must have a lot of friends that could give you a job.

Ted Drew: That'd be a fine friend who'd give you a job. No friend of mine had better try anything like that on me.

Allen Macklyn: When a man's in love with a woman, he shouldn't keep it a secret.

Regi: Do you dream?

Ted Drew: No.

Regi: You should - you'd meet a better class of people.

Ted Drew: [Bumps into Regi while playing hopscotch] I'm sorry. I didn't know the lights were against me.

Regi: It's alright.

[looks at him puzzled]

Ted Drew: Hopscotch.

Regi: Hopscotch?

Ted Drew: Mhmm. Indoor Hopscotch. Not up to field and turf hopscotch, but hopscotch never the less.

[hops more]

Ted Drew: Get the idea?

Regi: Yes, I get the idea.

Ted Drew: Want to play?

Regi: No thanks.

[walks toward elevator]

Ted Drew: Well, every man to his own sport.

[keeps hopping, then stops and walks back toward the elevator too]

Ted Drew: You'll be sorry when I am champion!

Ted Drew: Stabbed in the cuticle; what a way to die.

Regi: I'm gunna tell my mother on you!

Ted Drew: Go on; I'll tell my father on you!

Regi: I wonder what the poor people are doing on a day like this.

Regi: You can't blame me for wanting the things I do. Every woman wants them. Only I say I do.

Ted Drew: You know, you'd be very beautiful with blonde hair.

Regi: I have blonde hair.

Nona: Why, Regi, this is a lucky day!

Regi: What did you do? Find a horse shoe in the subway?

Nona: Oh, now how are you gonna get a horse in a subway?

Allen Macklyn: Some people play golf to pass the time, some go in for tap dancing, some destroy clay pigeons, I have manicures.

Allen Macklyn: Would you care for a drink Miss Allen?

Regi: Oh, no. The day's just starting.

Allen Macklyn: What a fresh point of view. To me, the night's just ended.

Allen Macklyn: I'm still rather embarrassed about meeting people.

Regi: Why?

Allen Macklyn: Well, frankly, I'm always afraid they'll feel sorry for me.

Regi: What? When you have all this? You just try getting up every morning at seven, then jammed in the subway, then poking at people's cuticles all day, then jammed back in the subway again at night. I don't feel sorry for you, Mister.

Peter: Thank you, Miss. It's a long time since I heard Mr. Macklyn laugh.

Regi: He's got a few laughs coming to him.

Peter: I think so too.

[hands Regi a bill to pay for Mr. Maclyn's manicure]

Regi: Oh, I haven't any change for that.

Peter: You're not supposed to have.

Regi: Well, that's a ten dollar bill?

Peter: I think Mr. Macklyn can afford it.

Regi: Honestly, I can't do a thing to those nails.

Allen Macklyn: Well, how 'bout my 40 minutes?

Regi: Well, what can I do?

Allen Macklyn: Well, you might try doing nothing. Pretend to be one of the idle rich and see how you like it.

Allen Macklyn: You think a lot about money, don't you Regi.

Regi: You've got it. You don't have to think about it.

Regi: I know what love can get you into. I know what it got my mother into. She was young and pretty once. I saw her count pennies and wash and struggle, until she was old and ugly. I heard her nagging my father until he hated to come home. You couldn't blame him. You couldn't blame anything but poverty.

Allen Macklyn: I see.

Regi: Oh, I didn't mean to let my back hair down so far.

Regi: You know, I feel like a chiseler when I take your money. Funny, isn't it? I guess it's because you're the only real friend I've got.

Regi: Is he rich?

Laura: Not only rich, but young and handsome.

Regi: Well, what do you talk about to a guy like that? What is, what is he like?

Laura: Blondes, probably.

Regi: If when you get back, you care to call me up, I could give you my number. I mean I, I mean I could write it down for you, in case you've forgotten it.

Ted Drew: [drunkenly] Yes, do that. I would love to call you. You see, I get back on the eleventh. I can see you the twelfth. Oh, no, no, no. I'm getting married the twelfth. I can see you the next day, though. Aw, I suppose she'd want a honeymoon. They all want honeymoons. Slaves of fashion, that's what we are. The whole business is a vicious, a vicious, a vicious...

Regi: What's the news?

Allen Macklyn: Oh, nothing much. Oh, yes, up till now they've never been able to tell a male from a female oyster. Now, they know.

Regi: Well, somebody better tell the oysters right away. There's trouble ahead.

Ted Drew: [on the phone] Helro, please.

Regi: Hello? Isn't this University - 4 - 2 - 2 - 5 - 9?

Ted Drew: A yes, but, eh, Missa Regi, eh, not being at home, please. Coming again, please? Oh, this is Missa Regi's Japanese boy.

Regi: Well, isn't that just dandy. And when did Miss Allen get a Japanese boy?

Ted Drew: Eh, she, eh, winning him last evening in a very fine crap game.

Ted Drew: Holy smoke! I'm in Bermuda.

Regi: Good. I'm in Greenland.

Ted Drew: I can't sleep on a narrow bed.

Regi: Oh, you can't?

Ted Drew: When I was home I always used to sleep on a great, big double bed.

Regi: Well, what would you suggest?

Ted Drew: Well, I could suggest something; but, well, you won't get mad now, will ya?

Regi: Well, what is it?

Ted Drew: Well, would you tuck me in?

Ted Drew: You're almost as good at this as my mother was.

Regi: Was there anything else, your mother did?

Ted Drew: Before she turned out the lights, she always used to kiss me good night.

Regi: I'm only almost as good as your mother was.

Snowflake: Good evenin', Miss Regi. I-I shore had a time gettin' this thing up here. Miss Laura, she said its gotta be back in the mornin'.

Regi: All right, Snowflake. You can pick it up on your way to work tomorrow.

Snowflake: Yes 'em.

Regi: Will you tell me something about your profession? Why is it that all men attempt to dine with a manicurist the minute they sit down? Is it because they are holding hands, more or less?

Vivian Snowden: I think that's a little exaggerated.

Regi: Oh, not from what I hear. Every man I know who has an evening on his hands, says, "I think I'll get a manicure."

Allen Macklyn: You can't run away from love, Regi. It just comes.

Allen Macklyn: Go and wash your funny face. And later on, I may have a proposition to make to you.

Nona: Oh, dear, he frightened me. You know, he's a boy friend of a girl friend of mine.

Allen Macklyn: She thinks you want to be a gigolo.

Ted Drew: A gigolo! Is that what she thinks of me? Fine opinion she's got of me.

Ted Drew: Women are nuts.

Regi: Go on back to your pineapple queen.

Ted Drew: She's not my pineapple queen. I gave her away. I gave her back to the Hawaiians.

Regi: What's the matter? Did you find somebody with more pineapples?

Regi: Allen! Oh, Allen, you're so right. It is love that counts.

Regi: Well, I'm not going all over town looking for goulash.