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  • malcolmgsw15 December 2004
    This is a quota quickie from the 1930s.Now this can lead to poverty of ideas as well as production standards,but not in this case.The main reason is a standout performance by Gordon Harker.More often on the right side of the law,as in The Frog or Inspector Hornleigh this time he is a former criminal trying to go straight and being mistaken for someone else when he arrives at a country estate ,There are many of the usual components of this type of film.It has to be said that without the efforts of Harker this would be a fairly mundane effort.For those who do not know of him he played mainly character roles between 20's and 50's,mainly with a cockney background.His well known catchphrase was "Well now me old cocksparra".Anyway if it comes your way it is worth a viewing.
  • A typical crime comedy from the 1930s, THE LAD is based on a play by Edgar Wallace and centres around the usual country mansion where various crooks and men with false identities are lurking around the premises. The plot is about the hunt for an expensive diamond necklace which is hidden somewhere in the household; half of the criminal population of the locality turn up and adopt various guises in a bid to find it.

    This is something of a showcase for popular comedian of the time Gordon Harker, playing a likable ex-con who ends up posing as a detective. The material with the criminal gang members is fun stuff and the early prison scenes with their flashbacks are well directed. The film does become a bit bogged down in the middle section, with too much screen time occupied by the rather dull private lives of the aristocracy, but it picks up for the end.

    THE LAD co-stars Michael Shepley (more subdued than he was in A SHOT IN THE DARK, and left on the sidelines for the most part), the lovely Geraldine Fitzgerald, and future Darth Vader Sebastian Shaw (RETURN OF THE JEDI). It's a likable enough time waster for those who want undemanding entertainment.