Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: [singing] Oh, I wish I was in Dixie Land! Hooray, hooray! In Dixie Land I'll take my stand, I'll live and die in Dixie Land! Away down south Dixie! Away, away!

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Daddy, give all my love to General Lee!

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Daddy, did something happen to Mommy?

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': Something beautiful, dear. That's the way you must always think of it. Mommy will never be ill again, or frightened, or discouraged. Just think of it as beautiful.

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': You remember how Mommy always taught you never to tell a lie?

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: I never have, Daddy.

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': And Mommy's proud of you for it, but if those Yankees should come in here, you've got to tell a lie.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: You want me to tell a lie?

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': Just this once for Daddy. And in a case like this, it really isn't a lie. If they should ask you, you must tell them that I was here but I left an hour ago and you saw me cross the river. Be brave and do this for me, dear.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Daddy, would General Lee want me to tell that lie?

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': Yes, dear.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: All right, then, I'll tell a whopper!

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Daddy, you told a fib.

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': Well, this is war, honey.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Why isn't it a sin to tell a fib in war?

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': I don't know why it isn't a sin to do anything we do in war.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: What's the Seventy-Second Vermont?

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': That's a regiment of men I have no intention of meeting.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: I know another dance. Would you like to see?

Uncle Billy: Oh, yes, sir, she knows such a lot of dances!

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: [singing] Oh, I eat watermelon and I have for years. Sing Polly-Wolly-Doodle all the day! I like watermelon but it wets my ears. Sing Polly-Wolly-Doodle all the day!

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Can you stay long this time, Daddy?

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': Not this time either, darling. I've got to be right off.

Mrs. Cary: I'll see if Rosabelle has your lunch for you.

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': Are they getting a fresh horse for me?

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Everybody knows just what to do. We practice it every day.

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': God love you.

Col. Morrison: You're not leaving without saying goodbye to me, are you?

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Oh no, I was going to kiss you goodbye. And then tomorrow when I come, I'll do all my talking with you.

Col. Morrison: Oh, you switch around, eh?

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Well, Daddy said you tried to help us, so I made you my second daddy.

Col. Morrison: Nothing so nice ever happened to me.

Uncle Billy: We got's to hurry, missy.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Goodbye, Yankee.

Col. Morrison: Goodbye, rebel darling.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Goodbye, Daddy.

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': God love you, honey.

Uncle Billy: There ain't no more ice cream, Miss Virgie.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: I'll only ask them once. I won't coax. More ice cream for you, Master Phillip?

Phillip: Nothing for me, thank you.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Would you care for more ice cream, Master Harold?

Harold: Yes!

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Uh, perhaps you'd rather have another great big piece of cake?

Harold: No, just ice cream.

Sally Ann: Miss Virgie... Mam... we all come here to wish you many happy... many happy...

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: [whispering] Returns.

Sally Ann: That's it! Many happy returns of the day! And we all made you a doll and here it is and, Miss Virgie, there was more I had to say but I forgot it!

Harold: I hope you'll excuse me, Miss Virgie, if I don't bow too low, but these britches are awful tight.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: That's perfectly all right, Master Harold, just bow as far as you can.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Uncle Billy, I don't think it was very polite to chase everybody out of my party like that.

Uncle Billy: Their mammies have to take them home quickly. You see, honey child, they's gonna be a war.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: What's war?

Uncle Billy: War is a lot of soldiers and battle where men kill each other with guns.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Really and truly kill each other? Why?

Uncle Billy: Seems to me, honey child, no-one knows why. I heard a white gentleman say there's a man up north who wants to free the slaves.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: What does that mean? Free the slaves?

Uncle Billy: I don't know what it means myself.

James Henry: Ain't you a speck afraid, Miss Virgie?

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: No, I'm not! What are you afraid of them for?

James Henry: Oh, Miss Virgie, them Yankees is mighty powerful. They can even change the weather.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Really?

James Henry: Whenever they come around, I don't know whether it's winter or summer. I start shivering and sweating at the same time.

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': Southerners never cry.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: What are these, then?

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': Raindrops.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: On a sunshiney day?

Uncle Billy: Oh, Master Cary, thank the Lord I found you, sir.

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': What is it, Uncle Billy?

Uncle Billy: Mrs. Cary, she's awful sick, sir. I's afraid, sir. She keeps asking for you.

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': What happened?

Uncle Billy: They fought right in front of the house, sir. The house burned down. Mrs. Cary, she catch her death of cold.

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': How long has this been going on?

Uncle Billy: She sick for three weeks and gettin' worse.

Mammy Rosabelle: Praise the Lord, Mrs. Cary, he done come! The whole Yankee army couldn't stop him!

Col. Morrison: And how is the littlest rebel of them all?

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Just fine, Mr. Yankee, thank you!

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: You're nice enough to be a Confederate!

Col. Morrison: Well, we took a gamble, and we lost. I'm not sorry. When I think of my own baby, I'd do it all over again.

Yankee Guard: Where are you going, sir?

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': I'm taking this child to her father just beyond our lines. Colonel Morrison sent me. Here's his pass.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Have you got a little girl, mister?

Yankee Guard: No, I've got a boy. Where'd you come from?

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': Cary's plantation.

Yankee Guard: Why aren't you using the main roads?

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': We'd heard about Cary going the other way.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: How old's your little boy?

Yankee Guard: Five.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Oh, I'm six.

Yankee Guard: My boy's bigger than you. This looks all right, but I don't know. We have special orders to be on the watch for Captain Cary, a rebel scout.

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': Didn't you hear? They caught him this morning.

Yankee Guard: They did?

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': Yes, Morrison and his men, at his own plantation.

Yankee Guard: That's all right, then, go ahead.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: My daddy and Colonel Morrison are in prison, and they're going to shoot them.

President Abraham Lincoln: Your father is a captain in the Confederate army.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Yes, sir.

President Abraham Lincoln: Arrested as a spy.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: My daddy isn't a spy!

President Abraham Lincoln: Do you know what a spy is?

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: I know it's something bad, because they shoot you for it, and my daddy could never do anything bad.

President Abraham Lincoln: I don't see how he could either, with a little one like you.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Thank you kindly, sir.

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': Tell me what you've been doing.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Well, I sewed up a hole in my dress, and Miss Robin let me sweep the stoop.

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': Why, you're becoming a regular little housewife!

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Daddy, when will they let you out?

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': No, no, come on now and tell me what you've been doing.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Well, there's a little girl that lives across the street, and she has a pony, and she let me ride on it.

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': That's grand!

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: And she gave me some candy, and she's a yank, and she said she didn't care whether I was a rebel or not. And I said I didn't care if she was a yank. Daddy, if she's so nice, and Colonel Morrison's so nice, and Miss Robin, why do the rest of the people have to kill each other?

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': I don't know, honey. We grown-ups haven't as much sense as you children.

Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Uncle Billy, isn't there any way we can get them out of there?

Uncle Billy: Well, honey, that soldier man give me some money. He wrote me a letter to give to a judge up in Washington. He says there's just one way. But I don't know if we got enough money to get there.

[James Henry is collecting money in a gray Confederate soldier's cap, following Uncle Billy and Virgy's tap dance]

Elderly Gentleman: I don't put no money in the Confederate cap.

[James Henry pulls out a blue Union soldier's cap]

James Henry: Here, Boss. I brought this along, just in case.

[the gentleman reluctantly drops in a coin]