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  • Ruth Etting was a very popular singer in the 1920s-40s...very popular. However, she only made a few films and most of what classic film viewers remember is her life story in "Love Me or Leave Me", though Etting herself said only about half of this film is actually true. However, in the short film "No Contest!" you actually get to see and hear her....and she does have a lovely and amazing singing voice.

    The story is about Fred and his jerky friends. They know he loves Etting's singing and they create a fake contest in which Etting will personally sing for the winner and their friends at a party. What Fred doesn't know is that Etting is not involved and has no intention of doing such an appearance. What's next?

    This short seems like it could have been a longer, full-length movie. This is because there are several big production numbers and plenty of singing. Overall, a nicely made and curious musical.
  • boblipton17 October 2013
    When a radio show announces a competition with the prize as Ruth Etting performing at a private party, some friends convince one of them that he has won and make him throw a big party.

    Ruth Etting, a Broadway singing star of the era, made several attempts at the movies in the 1930s, but none of them took. In this one, she appears to sing three songs and portions of a couple of others. This Vitagraph short, filmed at the studio in Brooklyn serves to offer Miss Etting as the star of a variety show. She is pretty bland except when she is singing and the jokes in the story are fairly corny, but the short is entertaining for the singing and dancing.

    Eleanor Powell appears in the chorus, but I did not spot her. Maybe you'll have better luck.