This was the ninth The Three Stooges short, and the first to use what would become the theme music for their shorts.

Moe Howard broke several ribs and suffered a concussion due to performing his own stunt in the scene when he falls from a sawed-in-half table. However, as this was more or less a "one-take" scene, he actually stood up after the fall and finished up the scene. This being said, the scene in the movie is the actual crash that caused the injuries. This shot (along with the rest of this opening) was also re-edited into the 1943 short Dizzy Detectives (1943).

Larry Fine's toast at the drugstore (as the Stooges sample their "Breath of Heather" scotch with their new partner) is Yiddish for "drop dead" ("Ver derharget!").

This short was filmed just four months after ratification of the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution, which ended America's experiment with Prohibition. This event is integral to the storyline, with the druggist frantically attempting to lay in a stock of liquor in anticipation of the imminent end of Prohibition.

Even though she didn't have a speaking part, this was the series debut for longtime Stooges supporting player Symona Boniface.

Production #168.