Lil Davis: If he doesn't show up, I'll break his neck. And if he does show up, I'll kill him!

Ray Angelo, alias Ray Ferraro: You won't need that gun.

Sergeant: Yeah, I've heard that before, too. That's why I'm a sergeant instead of a captain.

Jack Conrad: He's colder than a pawn broker's handshake.

Clem Walters: Why'd you run away?

Lil Davis: Because I couldn't fly.

Ray Angelo, alias Ray Ferraro: I figured I'd go after some smart money.

Jack Conrad: Are you all through with that?

Ray Angelo, alias Ray Ferraro: Mister, there is no smart money.

Jack Conrad: This is a sad number, folks. As a matter of fact, last week in Philadelphia, the critics agreed it was one of the saddest things they'd ever seen.