Stephen Blake: Women - well, after all they do make gentlemen of us.

Tommy Blake: Yes, and that's the trouble!

Stephen Blake: But you see, as a matter of fact, Mrs. Farnham and I have decided to brush up on our esperanto.

Stephen Blake: Do you take your parents for a couple of half-wits?

Brenda Farnham: Yes sir!

Stephen Blake: What? Confound it!

Edith Farnham: Brenda!

Tommy Blake: [to Brenda] That's what ya get for wearing pants!

Stephen Blake: [to Edith] See this muscle?

[points to upper right arm]

Stephen Blake: I got that beating helpless women and little children, but I first practiced on cripples!

Brenda Farnham: [Upon seeing Tommy with a small fluffy dog] What's that?

Tommy Blake: It's a dog. Whaddya think it is?

Brenda Farnham: It's a funny kind of a one.

Tommy Blake: It isn't either funny. It's a genuine St. Bernard

Brenda Farnham: A St. Bernard? Why, a St. Bernard's a mammoth big dog.

Tommy Blake: Well, the man said the California sun kind of withered him a little.

Mr. Snirley: That's it - courage is the word. I always tell my students to think of the snow as a great feather bed.

Stephen Blake: Edith, do I have to do penance all the rest of my life just because I spanked a spoiled child?

Edith Farnham: I know a good story that I never told you before. It's about seven men, and every last one of 'em was eaten up by an alligator.

Brenda Farnham: [Giggling] I'm gonna like this one.

Stephen Blake: I don't like hysterical women.

Edith Farnham: Hysterical?

Stephen Blake: That's what I said - you're hysterical.

Edith Farnham: I suppose you'll be striking me next.

Stephen Blake: Did I ever tell you, you're the best dancer West of the Mississippi?

Edith Farnham: No. Why didn't you?

Edith Farnham: Don't tell me the stern Mr. Blake is flirting with me?

Stephen Blake: Outrageously. Until the road clears, you might as well grin and bear it. Don't forget my proud beauty, it's the only flirting to be had in these parts.

Edith Farnham: Ha, ha, ha... Just until the road clears, huh?

Stephen Blake: Welllll.

Stephen Blake: At last I'm emancipated from being an emancipated parent.

Edith Farnham: Are you drunk?

Edith Farnham: Just to get away from that germicidal female, you understand?

Stephen Blake: Perfectly! I'm the lesser of two evils.

Edith Farnham: You're practically psychic.

Hotel Manager: [When a snowslide has blocked the road on the day of the new lodge's grand opening] 25 waiters, four chefs, a 10-piece jazz band, and two guests... oooh.