• WARNING: Spoilers

    Melvyn Douglas and Mary Astor are single parents with a son and daughter respectively, temporarily trapped as the only guests in a winter lodge due to a small avalanche across the road. The lodge is having as gala opening for the Christmas season with many scenes of winter sports and seasonal celebrating when the rest of the guests arrive. Astor and her daughter (Edith Fellows) are down on men due to Astor's recent divorce, and Melvyn Douglas has been a widower since the birth of his son (Jackie Moran). Due to classic movie confusion, the couple at first despise each other, then of course fall in love. There are comic scenes while they feud with assistance of two hotel staff members played by Dorothy Stickney and Romain Callendar. Their children want to break them up in order to keep their parent's undivided attention and pretend to hate each other; then regret it and engineer getting them back together.