Richard Morey: Cortig, if you bought a gift for a girl and she refused to accept it, what would you do?

Russ Cortig: [with a slow smile] I'd give it to my wife.

Danny Barr: [stopping Eve from telephoning] Wait a minute, will you, honey?

[Eve smacks his hand from the phone]

Danny Barr: Oh, how I wish you were a man!

Eve Fallon: Same to you.

Barber: Well, well, Danny, what's the matter? Don't see you for a long time.

Benny Battle: Well, they had me downtown for two weeks on a bum rap.

Eve Fallon: Oh, poor kid! They blame you everything, don't they?

Benny Battle: You sait it, Beautiful! The way the coppers treat me, you'd think I was a thief.

Eve Fallon: Yeah! Police get some funny ideas sometimes.

Benny Battle: Don't they though? And me as honest as the day is long.

Benny Battle: Yeah, but how 'bout the nights?

Benny Battle: The nights too! I'm the soul of honesty.

Eve Fallon: You sure you don't mean 'the heel?'

Eve Fallon: You'd lie about the weather!

Editor: Wait! Wait!

Eve Fallon: You wait... you look like a waiter anyway.

[Morey sees Eve at the hotel drugstore counter buying aspirin. He enters and starts a conversation with her, finding out that she has just lost her manicurist job]

Richard Morey: They have nice perfumes here.

Eve Fallon: Yeah, if you can afford 'em.

Richard Morey: Uh, how much are these?

Off-screen Sales Clerk: Fifty-five dollars.

Richard Morey: Give me four of them.

Eve Fallon: Mmmmm. You must have lots of friends.

Richard Morey: Oh, they're all for you.

Eve Fallon: Oh, but I couldn't.

Richard Morey: Oh, but you could.

Eve Fallon: Oh, but I mustn't.

Richard Morey: Oh, but you must. And you will. How about some candy, too? Here you are. You like sweets?

[piling on the candy boxes]

Richard Morey: One more.

Eve Fallon: Please! I'll have to get a truck to carry all these things home.

Richard Morey: No, you won't. My car's right here at the door.

[to the sales clerk]

Richard Morey: Charge it, will you?

[fade to the back seat of Morey's limo]

Richard Morey: An apartment, French maid, your own car and chauffeur. Doesn't it sound good?

Eve Fallon: [deadpan] Mmmmm. Too good to be true.

Richard Morey: It... could be true.

Eve Fallon: [sardonically] And all I'd have to do is manicure your nails?

Eve Fallon: [getting up to leave] Here's my house.

Richard Morey: But Eve, haven't you forgotten something?

Eve Fallon: Yeah, my key, but I'll slip through the transom.

Richard Morey: But what about the candy and perfume?

Eve Fallon: Ah, give the candy to your chauffeur and use the perfume yourself.

[Eve slams the car door]

Benny Battle: [In barber shop running his hand on the back of manicurist Eve Fallon] Eeny, meanie, mynie, mo. I'll take this one.

Eve Fallon: Oh, so you're the guy who ran his thumb down my back.

Benny Battle: Your truly, Benjamin Battle! How's it, Babe?

Eve Fallon: How's it yourself?... I knew it was you. I know the feel of your fingerprints.

Benny Battle: Ouch! Never say 'fingerprints' when I'm around. It gives me a sickly feeling.

Eve Fallon: Yeah, I'd have a nasty answer for that if I wasn't workin' here. What can I do for you?

Benny Battle: Oh, give me a manicure, but don't rush it. I'd like you to hold my hands.

Eve Fallon: Oh! Too bad I can't work with my gloves.

Benny Battle: [at the barber shop] Every time I turn around I see another bull.

Benny Battle: [Danny emerges from under a towel in the next chair] Well, if it isn't Daniel Barr, the handsome dick.

Danny Barr: Gettin' yourself dolled up?

Danny Barr: Yeah, there's nuttin' like spendin' a half hour in a barber shop that makes a new man out of ya.

Danny Barr: When did ya get out outta the can?

Benny Battle: About an hour ago, thanks to the habby-us corpus.

Danny Barr: Yeah, and that shyster lawyer of yours.

Benny Battle: I wouldn't talk like that. Ya might get pinched for slander.

Eve Fallon: Yeah, and don't carry any matches; they're liable to charge you with arson.

Benny Battle: Hey, Chalkie, get me a pineapple soda. Get me a big lump of whipped cream on it, and a nice red cherry. How's it, babe?

Danny Barr: How d'ya like that chair?

Benny Battle: I like it, 'specially when I'm tired.

Danny Barr: Well, there's one upstate looks just like it. Ya wouldn't care for that one would ya?

Benny Battle: No thanks. I'm not that tired.

Eve Fallon: Where are you going?

Danny Barr: I don't know yet. I haven't made up my mind.

Eve Fallon: Can I go with you?

Danny Barr: Where?

Eve Fallon: Where you're going.

Danny Barr: Well, I just told ya. I don't know where I'm going.

Eve Fallon: Well, when do you leave?

Danny Barr: I don't know that either.

Eve Fallon: Well, why can't you take me along?

Danny Barr: Where?

Eve Fallon: That's what I'm asking you.

Danny Barr: I'm asking you that.

Eve Fallon: Say, who's going - you or me?

Danny Barr: Where?

Eve Fallon: I don't know. I'm not going - you are.

Danny Barr: Well look, what time is it?

Eve Fallon: What time does your train leave?

Danny Barr: How do you know I'm going by train? I might be going by boat.

Eve Fallon: What kind of a boat?

Danny Barr: I don't know. I haven't seen it yet.

Eve Fallon: Honey, when you're in love, you can be lonesome anywhere.

Danny Barr: Why don't you listen to reason?

Eve Fallon: I'm not in the listening mood. My ears are tired.

Benny Battle: You got a kind face.

Police Desk Sergeant: Yes, you got a kind face too. It's the kind I don't like.