• WARNING: Spoilers

    George O'Brien is Bob Wallace, a Border Patrolman who resigns in protest after being humiliated by the spoiled granddaughter of a millionaire vacationing at a desert resort near the Mexican border.

    Subsequently, the girl's grandfather hires him to sheperd the girl who is a 1930s version of Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton. Meanwhile, the young girl is wooed by a sophisticated jewel thief who plans using her as a "mule" to unwittingly smuggle jewelry across the border.

    Bob Wallace arrives in Mexico just minutes before the marriage and rescues the girl. However, she departs with the gems which leads to a big chase scene and ultimate rescue after she is abducted by her former paramour.

    Bob Wallace and the reformed brat return to the U.S.A. with the jewel thief and his cronies as prisoners. End of story. No cowboys or gunslingers other than Bob Wallace as a private security guard. Smiley Burnette has a minor role and a couple of songs.