Because British film censors would not approve of the USA version, in which they found the identity of the killer objectionable, a separate ending was filmed, with a different member of the cast identified as the murderer. This version survives in its complete form, and has been shown on cable television in the USA, which is rather confusing to watch since the identity of the original (USA) killer is pretty obvious right from the beginning. Meantime, the USA version received the usual hack job from Republic's editors when it was sold to television back in the 1950's, and only seems to have survived in that mutilated form, with 13 of its original 66 minutes lost forever.

Due to the truncated nature of the current 64 minute print, the most complete version extant, with the British ending described above, four actors receiving billing on screen do not appear: Archie Robbins, Bess Stafford, Lucille Ward and Belle Mitchell. This print has aired on the Mystery Channel.