Mary, Queen of Scots: [to Queen Elizabeth I] I might have known you'd come to gloat like this - stealthily, under cover of night.

Queen Elizabeth I: You were born too close to my throne.

Mary, Queen of Scots: I have loved as a woman loves, lost as a woman loses... My son shall sit on the throne! My son shall rule England! Still, still, I win!

Queen Elizabeth I: Rebellion! How I hate that word!

Mary, Queen of Scots: [to Bothwell] What's my throne? I'd put a torch to it for any one of the days with you.

Moray: I have only followed my conscience.

Mary, Queen of Scots: I hope you have one.

Mary, Queen of Scots: War! Is that all you men know?

Bothwell: Someday you'll meet a man who won't take no for an answer.

Mary Beaton: And...?

Bothwell: And I'll be the godfather.

Bothwell: Dark or bright, I'll always follow your star, Mary.

Darnley: You never can count on a woman. Marry her, and she turns to ice.

Bothwell: [to Mary] You're the Queen of Scotland, and you've let the woman in you take your senses!