Hester Boone: What do you see in that dame?

Kent Murdock: What did I see in you? Oh... nothing. She just makes me curious.

Hester Boone: Curious? Hmmph. One look at a skirt and you're curious. Why don't you get curious about me?

Kent Murdock: I did. That's why I proposed to you.

Hester Boone: And now your curiosity's over, you want to call it a day.

Hester Boone: When I think of all we were to each other... Then when I catch up with you, what do I find? Oh when I think of every--

Kent Murdock: Stop thinking and give your larynx a rest.

Kent Murdock: Aw, come on. Skin back your ivories. You're as limp as spaghetti. You're the saddest group of courtroom victors I ever trained a lens on.

Hester Boone: Aw, you know how it is, junior: a girl's got her pride.

Kent Murdock: But you could swallow it... if it was mixed with a little gin, couldn't ya?

Hester Boone: Yes, dear, in a silver fizz.

Hester Boone: [Catching Murdock with Meg a second time] Maybe you'd like me to wear a bell or something.