Pitts replaced scheduled star because of illness.

The first of two appearances by Zasu Pitts as Hildegarde Withers.

In the previous series entry Murder on a Bridle Path (1936) Louise Latimer and Owen Davis Jr. play Barbara Foley and Eddie Fay, a couple hoping to elope. In this episode they reappear, and although Hildegarde recognizes them, their names have inexplicably changed to Alice Stevens and Robert Wilkins.

John Carter (Richard Tucker) drives a revolutionary new 1937 Cord 812 roadster, owned by RKO and used in several other of their productions, such as Super-Sleuth (1937), in which it's driven by Jack Oakie as film star Willard (Bill) Martin. As usual, the police drive a more traditional and more conventional 1936 Ford sedan.

The fifth of six films in the Hildegarde Withers - Oscar Piper series released from 1932 to 1937.