• WARNING: Spoilers

    Kay grew up in Carvel, a sleepy small town that wakes up only on football Saturdays, as Yale and Havard fans would drive pass Carvel to on their way to the game.

    One of these fans is the handsame playboy doctor Robert Dakin. Bob wanted to get out of the traffic and asked Kay for directions on shortcuts. Kay agreed to jump into his car and took him to the local pub he was looking for.

    They both got drunk and Bob proposed to Kay. Kay was attracted to him, and saw a chance to escape the fate of ending up with local suitor Elmer and a stifling small town married life. She said yes.

    Bob woke up the next day realising the mistake he'd made and wanted to apply for an annulament. But in his usual drunken indiscretion, he had told the judge to issue a press release annoucing his marriage. In order to save the Dakins, a prominent old family in the Boston high society, from more scancals, Bob and Kay would need to remained married for short time, and then quietly divorce each other. Bob lost his fiancee Priscilla as a result and developed a resentment towards Kay, believing that she was a gold digger.

    Dr. Dakin Senior and his wife, on the other hand, liked the down-to-earth, kind-hearted Kay and wanted to keep her. Dr. Dakin arranged for Bob and Kay to spend their honeymoon on the Dakin prvate yacht, for few days of peace and quiet from the paparazzi. After the initial rounds of fight, shouts and insults, Bob and Kay became friends and settled into a nice apartment and "friendly" married life. Bob joined a reputable hospital and concentrated on developing his skills as a brain surgen; Kay went on to learn the code of conducts for an upper-class doctor's wife.

    Just as Bob and Kay began to have feelings for each other, Priscilla returned from her face-saving tour of Europe. Bob and Priscilla got back together, and he started to spend most of his spare time in Priscilla's apartment.

    Kay and Priscilla took different views on Bob's career - Priscilla thought nothing of it, Bob's attendance in her sociery parties are more important than saving lives; Kay was the opposite, and would go to the hospital every day to look after Bob's favourite patient, a little boy called Jimmy.

    The hostility between Priscilla and Kay blown up in full-scale when Priscilla chose not to tell Bob that Jimmy requires emergency surgery and that as the attending physician, he needs to report to surgery immediately. Kay went up to Priscilla's apartment and took Bob away, but it was too late - Bob had been drinking that night and was unable to operate. Another surgen took over, Jimmy lived; but Bob's reputation as a respected doctor was damaged.

    Seeing that after all these Bob was still in love with Priscilla, a broken-hearted Kay went home to Carvel, intending to stay there for the duration of her "arrangement" with the Dakins. Bob came to realise that he was really in love with Kay, drove to Carvel and took her back to Boston with him.