Jimmy: Imagine... Dr. Beaumont keeping this heart pumping for over twenty years!

Nancy: Wish he could do something about making your heart pump!

John Ellman: [Responding to Beaumont's questions while dying] Leave the dead to their makers. The Lord, thy God is a jealous god.

Dr. Evan Beaumont: [Feeling a sense of urgency] But, John, what is death? Can't you put it into words? Tell me! Tell me! You must! what is death?

John Ellman: I think I can...

[after a pause]

John Ellman: After the shock...

Dr. Evan Beaumont: Yes?

John Ellman: I seemed to feel...

Dr. Evan Beaumont: Yes?

John Ellman: ...peace and a...

[He dies]

Dr. Evan Beaumont: [Last lines. Comforting Nancy, who is sobbing over Ellman's death] He's happier now.

Dr. Evan Beaumont: It will never be known. The Lord thy God is a jealous God!

[looking up to Heaven, while being led to the electric chair]

John Ellman: *He'll* believe me.

Nolan: [as the crooked lawyer misses a shot on a pool table] Straight shot and I missed it!

John Ellman: But you can't kill me for something I didn't do! You can't!

John Ellman: Last night I thought you were my friend. You took my life!

'Trigger' Smith: [Contemptuously] I'm gonna take it again unless you got cat blood in yuh. No one's gonna bring you back this time.

John Ellman: You can't kill me again!

Dr. Evan Beaumont: All I know is that for a short time the spirit of life left his body. Now, what happened during that transition? What effect did the experience of death have on his subconscious mind. Can he remember?

District Attorney Werner: Well, it's rather a large order, doctor, and I'm afraid a bit beyond the province of law...

Dr. Evan Beaumont: ...and beyond the province of science too, but it's a challenge, and somewhere, I think, we'll find the key to all this.

District Attorney Werner: If you do, I hope you'll let me know.

John Ellman: Why did you have me killed?

John Ellman: [In the prison, as he awaits execution, hoping for a reprieve] But you can't kill me for something that I didn't do. You can't, I tell you, you can't. I don't want to die. I want to live.

Prison Warden: Well, Ellman, it's within my power to grant any last request you care to make.

John Ellman: [sounding slightly bitter] You take away my life and offer me a favor in return. That's what I call a "bargain."