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  • Pete Smith was a master at making shorts-often comical, sometimes serious and usually acerbic and satirical in his running commentary. Some are brilliant, such as Audioscopicks. Some were intensely cute, like this one. They were invariably good and many were nominated for Oscars, as was this one. It's about a stray dog who needs to find himself a master. The narration becomes entirely too cute for my tastes at times, but all in all, this is still a very good piece of work by a man who was very good at his craft.
  • Wanted -- A Master (1936)

    *** 1/2 (out of 4)

    Oscar nominated Pete Smith short is a real gem, which will certainly leave a smile on your face. A homeless dog learns that a city ordinance has passed and at three o'clock all stray dogs will be killed. With that in mind the dog must try and track down a master because it's certainly life or death. Pete Smith shorts are always hit and miss since he made so many but this here is certainly one of the best. Smith's narration, speaking as the dog, is right on the mark and delivers plenty of smiles and laughs. The dog is a cute on, which certainly helps as we see him try to impress one person after another. The tricks he does are cute as well. One of the most interesting scenes is when a man is feeding a squirrel with an eye dropper.