John Barrymore was recruited for the role of Colonel Nielson after Sir Guy Standing, who played him in the first film in the series, died. Barrymore received top billing for this and two more films in Paramount's Drummond series. H.B. Warner succeeded Barrymore as Nielson in the final four films of the series.

This is one of 8 Bulldog Drummond adventures produced by Paramount in the late 1930s, and sold to Congress Films (II) in mid-1954 for re-release; Congress redesigned the opening and closing credits, in order to eliminate all evidence of Paramount's ownership, going so far as to even alter the copyright claimant statements on the title cards; Congress, in turn, sold the films to Governor Films for television syndication. Along the way, Paramount, having disowned the films, never bothered to renew the copyrights, and they fell into public domain, with the result that inferior VHS and DVD copies have been in distribution for many years, from a variety of sub-distributors who specialize in public domain material.

This film received its initial television presentation in New York City Tuesday 12 October 1954 on WCBS (Channel 2).