Paul Drake: [Trying the door] It's locked!

[He starts looking through his skeleton keys]

Paul Drake: Which will it be? Conscience or curiosity?

Perry Mason: Curiosity.

Jim Magooney: [On the phone to Perry and Della] Hello, this is Magooney. I still can't remember what I wanted to remember to tell you.

District Attorney Hamilton Burger: [after Perry arrives at the pier] Tell me, what are you doing down here?

Perry Mason: Why, uh, my presence here is purely coincidental.

District Attorney Hamilton Burger: Whenever you show up immediately after a murder has been committed, there's only one answer.

Perry Mason: [to Della] Bishops don't often need lawyers. Show him in.

Perry Mason: Uh, remind me to give me a raise in the morning.

Della Street: I'll remember to forget that.