Lan Ying Lin: I hope that you will continue in my service, as long and as faithfully as in my father's.

One of Quan Lin's Servants: May our days be filled with unrest if we do not serve you well.

Lan Ying Lin: So that's it. You're the boss.

Mrs. Mary Hunt: My dear, I'm a businesswoman.

[last lines]

Jake Kelly: When you get out of jail my grandchildren will be enjoying my Social Security check.

[lights a cigar]

[first lines]

Harry Morgan: It's a government plane!

Sam Blike: Man, that was shore a lu-lu!

Mrs. Mary Hunt: Oh, what a celestial aroma.

Mrs. Mary Hunt: How much is it Quan Li?

Quan Lin: If one must set a price upon that which is beyond price.

Mrs. Mary Hunt: Lan Ying, stop him. When he becomes poetic, the price goes up.

Lan Ying Lin: Then, if we must be prosaic.

Mrs. Mary Hunt: Yes?

Lan Ying Lin: It's two thousand dollars.

Mrs. Mary Hunt: Two thousand dollars?

Quan Lin: If we must be prosaic.

Quan Lin: May I present you with some candy ginger?

Jake Kelly: Well, gee!

Lan Ying Lin: Are you Mr. Hartman?

Otto Hartman: What do you want with Hartman?

Lan Ying Lin: A job. I'm a dancer.

Otto Hartman: Stand up. Let's have a look at you.

[Lan Ying stands up, turns around]

Otto Hartman: Where'd you come from? Who sent you here?

Lan Ying Lin: I closed in Trinidad three weeks ago. I'm just cruising about the islands.

Otto Hartman: You any good?

Lan Ying Lin: Give me a chance and I'll show you.

Otto Hartman: Olga, here, will show you where to sleep. Tomorrow we'll see what you can do.

Otto Hartman: You don't get any salary, you understand? You get board, lodging and the pickins.

Lan Ying Lin: Pickins?

Otto Hartman: Sure, I give my girls 15% of the money they get the customers to spend.

Lan Ying Lin: I see.

Otto Hartman: The pickins might be pretty good if you and me hit it off all right.

Olga Derey: I told her we didn't need any more girls.

Otto Hartman: I told her different.

Olga Derey: You hired her?

Otto Hartman: Sure! We need somthin' new around here.

Sam Blike: Why do you all use taxis? Couldn't you ride in a nice, long, shiny red car? With foxtail on the radiator cap? And, me, a-sittin' at the wheel with a coat with brass buttons?

Jake Kelly: Tickle the ceiling you mugs!

Captain Gulner: I might cut you in. If you know how to keep your mouth buttoned!

Kim Lee: I wasn't born yesterday.

Captain Gulner: So I noticed.

Jake Kelly: My me mother forgive me - all them lies.

Captain Gulner: How is the show? Worst than usual?

Otto Hartman: I'll tell you better after I see this new girl.

Olga Derey: He's changing his luck.

Otto Hartman: Get outta here before I crack your neck!

Captain Gulner: Pretty good with your lingo, ain't you?

Kim Lee: I ought to be.

Captain Gulner: How many other languages do you speak?

Kim Lee: Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese.

Captain Gulner: Let's hear some Roosian.

Kim Lee: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon.

Captain Gulner: Is that Roosian?

Kim Lee: Sure.

Jake Kelly: A swell racket like this going on, right under me nose and me dumb to it. Say, why didn't she cut me in?

Harry Morgan: Maybe she didn't think you had any brains.

Jake Kelly: Ah, I passed one of them intelligent things a 100%!

Harry Morgan: Moron?

Jake Kelly: Sure, that was it!

Otto Hartman: Are you American born?

Lan Ying Lin: San Francisco. Have you ever been there?

Otto Hartman: Greatest spot in the world! I wish I was there now.

Otto Hartman: I've been slavin' my life away on this island for 10 years. And what for? What for?

Lan Ying Lin: Money, of course. You're doing a good business.

Otto Hartman: Huh, you think runnin' this joint's my real business?

Lan Ying Lin: Isn't it?

Otto Hartman: No. Listen, baby, people from all over the world try to sneak in through Uncle Sam's back door. And helpin' 'em do it's my business. And believe me, sister, it's some business.

Lil: Ladies and Gents, the boss is about to offer you a *real* treat! Miss Lana Chen, Daughter of Shanghai.

Rita - a Dancer: A four star performance kid. You sure kept the home fires burning.