Sgt. Orville Gahagan: [to a gaggle of reporters trying to get into the crime scene, including Torchy] Orders say no reporters, male or female... especially female!

Lt. Steve 'Skipper' McBride: Why don't you stop trying to be a detective?

Torchy Blane: [Sassily] Why don't you start?

Hughie Sprague: So you know my wife?

Reporter With Sprague: I don't think I do.

Hughie Sprague: [Sarcasticall] Let me congradulate you.

Lt. Steve 'Skipper' McBride: [to Torchy] Very good, Torchy. Very logical. Very cockeyed!

Hughie Sprague: Are you a married man?

Sgt. Orville Gahagan: And how! Is it noticeable?

Hughie Sprague: Well, Gahagan, it's been a very successful experience! Athens, Bagdad, Alexandria, and I shall never forget you in the Acropolis by moonlight.

Sgt. Orville Gahagan: [Wistfully] It was positively incandescent!