The opening scenes show the crash of a Navy rigid airship. The movie Was released just 16 days after the Hindenburg crash.

The U.S.S. Macon (ZRS-5) shown in the film was one of two Akron-class rigid airships built by Goodyear. It was commissioned in June 1933. The airship was caught in a storm off Point Sur, California on February 12, 1935. Its rigid internal structure suffered a cascading string of failures that also caused massive helium loss and she settled on the water in Monterey Bay and sank with the loss of only 2 of the 66 crew members.

The lumber called "skunk spruce" in the film is better known as white spruce or Canadian spruce. The "bull pine' also mentioned is the common name for several species of North American yellow pine trees.

The $475 Bill pays for the engagement ring would equate to about $8,400 in 2018.

Austin gets a promotion to Shanghai, but has to turn back. Three months after the movie release China battles Japan in the Battle of Shanghai, thousands from both sides died in battle.