Louise 'Fluff' Phillips: It seems I'm always ringside at the first fight... and the last.

Nick 'Nicky' Donati: [to Fluff] Say, what did you worry about before you met me?

Ward Guisenberry: Excuse me. Someone wanted me?

The Redhead: [looks him over] Mmm, I'll bet plenty of 'em do, honey.

Louise 'Fluff' Phillips: [to Ward] Maybe I was feeling a little too girl scouty today.

Ward Guisenberry: It looks like we're going to get along fine.

Marie Donati: [sarcastically] You think so?

Louise 'Fluff' Phillips: Nick, you don't notice a lot of things. You're so wrapped up in the game that, well, you forget people have... have feelings and are human.

Nick 'Nicky' Donati: Well, there isn't any room for feelings in this game. A fighter's a machine, not a human being.

Nick 'Nicky' Donati: [about Ward] That bellhop certainly has a magog for the dolls, all righr.

Turkey Morgan: [to Ward] You think you're cute? Your pants are too long to be that cute.

[He cuts the pant legs off of Ward's uniform with a knife]

Nick 'Nicky' Donati: Say, did you ever see a bellhop didn't want to be a fighter?

Nick 'Nicky' Donati: [to Ward] All you got to do is hang that right on his spinach box, and he'll fold.

Silver Jackson: [to Fluff] I've known you a long time. They can't beat aces.

Mrs. Donati: [to Marie] Nickie is a manager of boxfighters, not of people's hearts. I go to bed now.

Chuck McGraw: [about Ward] I'll take care of that guppy!