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  • Porky and his trusty hunting dog (not "Laddimore", though!) are on the hunt for fowl--only to find the "fowlest" of them all...Daffy! Daffy is remarkably manic here---the sarcastic loser image came as he matured along with his directors at Warner Brothers. Look for older versions that include Daffy swinging madly on the "That's All, Folks!" logo, courtesy of then-Avery animator Bob Clampett.
  • Typical besides Daffy's first appearance, it has a couple of moderately funny parts as well as a couple of bizarre musical interludes. The situation is now classic (Porky or Elmer hunts Bugs or Daffy, with the hunted getting the better of the hunter( and in this case it's Porky and Daffy)).Daffy is incredibly " Daffy " here, different from the later image that we know. Interesting curio.
  • This was Daffy Duck's first episode and I have to say he pulls off a very good job! He is cute and crazy, including some good gags. Unfortunately though, the episode is mainly taken up by Porky and some random gags (such as fish becoming drunk and paddling in a boat) and some gags from Porky (not on purpose though - except for one). Luckily bigger appearances of the little black duck were to follow... What makes up for the lack of appearances from Daffy are interesting animation and Porky is quite cute as well.

    This cartoon begins with Porky going out to hunt ducks. While seeing if there are any bullets in his gun, he accidentally shoots the ceiling - and the person in the flat room above. After Porky has received an angry hit on the head, he goes out hunting. For him and his dog, Porky's hunt is not successful, mainly due to a wacky and cute little black duck...

    Recommended for anyone who wants to see Daffy's delightful debut and for people who are interested and enjoy "historical" cartoons. Enjoy "Porky's Duck Hunt"!
  • It's hard to believe that this was literally the first time that Daffy Duck ever appeared in a cartoon, but it's the truth. Porky Pig plays a hunter going out to shoot a duck (he has to go out; he antagonized the man upstairs after accidentally firing the gun). Needless to say, while hunting, he comes across Daffy, and the latter can't get shot. After a weird snafu, Porky has to go (and by "go", I mean "run") back home.

    "Porky's Duck Hunt" seems pretty low-brow compared to later cartoons, but if nothing else, it's good as a historical reference. When I was really young and watched a lot of the Looney Tunes cartoons, I always wondered why Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny never co-starred.
  • Tex Avery, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig, on top of one of the best voice actors who ever lived Mel Blanc, together sounds like a match made in heaven. And while all have done better 'Porky's Duck Hunt' is a very good cartoon regardless, much more than just historical interest.

    Porky's personality did become a little more interesting later on and would have liked to have more of Daffy. However, for relatively early on in his career (before he went on to even better things and being responsible for some of the greatest cartoons of all time) Avery is still on top form, his unique style still shines if becoming more uniquely wacky later on. Daffy really impresses in his cartoon debut, he looks cute but his manic personality is so much fun to watch and he provides some priceless moments. He isn't widely known as one of animation's funniest and most interesting characters for nothing.

    The black and white animation is crisp and smooth. Everything is beautifully drawn, fluid and detailed and there are some imaginative moments as one would expect. Any cartoon that had Carl Stalling providing the music score was already an even better cartoon. Stalling showed a near-unparalleled mastery of writing music that was beautiful to listen to but also cleverly orchestrated and used in a way that not only synchronising seamlessly to the action and expressions but also enhancing their impact.

    'Porky's Duck Hunt' has the expected witty dialogue, Daffy having the best lines, and beautifully timed and even funnier sight gags. Porky may have been more interesting later on but he was still likable and a good foil for Daffy. The dog has a fun personality too but this is Daffy's cartoon.

    Mel Blanc demonstrates how he could voice multiple characters and give them their own individual identities, when it came to voice actors (and there were and are a lot of talented voice actors who have that ability) Blanc was the king of them all.

    On the whole, not among the best for all involved but still a very good cartoon. 8/10 Bethany Cox
  • Warning: Spoilers
    . . . where you have to worry about getting punched out every time that you inadvertently fire a shotgun blast through the ceiling of your living room, Warner Bros. teaches us with PORKY'S DUCK HUNT. This short begins and ends with two such incidents involving Porky Pig and his hulking Big Bruiser Bully upstairs neighbor, who limps downstairs each time to mete out a slug in the snout (with NO semblance of due process at all!) to Warner's favorite Porker. Though THE UNTOUCHABLES featured Sean Connery instructing America's Movers and Shakers NOT to expect good outcomes IF they insist upon bringing knives to gun fights, Porky's firearm proves fairly worthless because 1)He's a terrible shot, 2)His piece frequently jams since this slob hunter never cleans it, and 3)He's stingy purchasing ammo (buying his shells in boxes of 25, instead of ordering 1,000-round economy crates from Amazon) and he's totally out of lead during his second mauling. Every U.S. Citizen is given heaping helpings of food for thought by PORKY'S DUCK HUNT. But as guns don't buy themselves, please remember the Poor and support your local chapter of BANGS (Broke Americans Need Gun Stamps) TODAY!!
  • This cartoon was the start for Daffy Duck. So Tex Avery played a significant part in the development of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and developed the character (Egghead) who grew into Elmer Fudd. This is a good short to watch to see how Avery and Clampett worked together. Not a seminal cartoon, save for Daffy, but well worth watching. Tex Avery was a very successful man, who by all accounts, was never really sure he ever managed to do much of lasting importance. Most assuredly, he did quite a bit. Recommended.