Doug Quintain: [to Atterbury Dodd] Say, honey, if you could cook, I'd marry ya!

Lester Plum: I was the Shirley Temple of my day.

Atterbury Dodd: I've heard that name several times today Miss Plum. Who is Miss Temple?

Atterbury Dodd: Hasn't anyone an answer for stupidity besides "that's the picture business"?

Studio Employee: I'm sorry Mr. Dodd, but that's the only answer.

Koslofski: Great pictures are not made... they are remade!

[last lines]

Atterbury Dodd: I'm sure we're going to be very happy, Miss Plum.

Mrs. Mack: He's the only trained seal in pictures. He gets more fan mail than Clark Gable.

Atterbury Dodd: [Plum has just thrown him on the floor] Why Miss Plum, you're... you're wonderful!

Lester Plum: I don't see anything wonderful about it, just plain jujistu; a trick of leverage.

Atterbury Dodd: Leverage? The principle of Archimedes, the Greek mathematician.

Lester Plum: Well I don't know anything about that; all I know is it comes in very handy when some guy who's driving you home tries to shift gears with your knee.

Atterbury Dodd: Miss Plum, teach me how to do that

Lester Plum: I taught you how to do the tango, and look what happened. By the way, how'd you make out with that female Casanova?

Atterbury Dodd: Miss Plum, I must insist that you grant Miss Cheri the respect...

Lester Plum: The respect to which she's entitled, is that it? Protecting her against me, huh? And now you want me to teach you jujitsu.

Atterbury Dodd: If you don't mind, Miss Plum.

Lester Plum: It'll be a pleasure!

[grabs him and flips him onto the floor]