This film was first telecast on New York City's pioneer television station W2XBS Wednesday 20 September 1939. It is one of over 200 titles in the list of independent feature films made available for television presentation by Advance Television Pictures announced in Motion Picture Herald 4 April 1942. At this time, television broadcasting was in its infancy, almost totally curtailed by the advent of World War II, and would not continue to develop until 1945-1946. Post-WWII television viewers got their first look at it on the East Coast Saturday 3 July 1948 on WATV (Channel 13), in Detroit Friday 19 November 1948 on WJBK (Channel 2), and on the West Coast, in Los Angeles, Wednesday 7 June 1950 on KECA (Channel 7).

A scene with the incubator from this movie was featured on Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK) Episode #7.2, in a game called "Film Dub" dubbed by Greg Proops and Ryan Stiles.