This film, the first of 10 to feature both Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney, is also the only one in which she is billed ahead of him. It was also the first film in which she received top billing.

MGM's top juvenile actor of 1937, Freddie Bartholomew, had been announced to play Roger Calverton, but Freddie's Aunt Cissy (who also was his adopted mother) withdrew him before production started because of a contract dispute. In later years, Judy Garland would quip that Freddie really opted out because his voice was changing.

Legendary song stylist of vaudeville, Broadway and records, Sophie Tucker was left without a number to belt in this film.

In Judy Garland's previous picture, Broadway Melody of 1938 (1937), Charles Igor Gorin's rendition of "Sun Showers" (music by Nacio Herb Brown, lyrics by Arthur Freed) had been deleted. Then assigned to Judy in this horse-racing story, the song failed again to be included in a movie. Miss Garland's prerecording is featured on the Rhino CD, "Judy Garland: Collectors' Gems from the M-G-M Films." Another song, "Got a Pair of New Shoes," also cut from the previous film, did make final cut of this film.

This is the second time Sophie Tucker co-starred with Judy Garland. In Broadway Melody of 1938 (1937), Tucker had played Judy's mother.

A sequel called "Thoroughbreds Together" was to be made, but never did materialize.

This film was first telecast in Philadelphia Saturday 7 December 1957 on WFIL (Channel 6), followed by San Francisco 21 June 1958 on KGO (Channel 7), by New York City 9 January 1959 on WCBS (Channel 2), and, finally, by Los Angeles 6 August 1961 on KTTV (Channel 11).