Priscilla Williams: [on her new nickname] Wee Willie Winkie. It does sound like a soldier, doesn't it?

Sgt. Donald MacDuff: Aye.

Priscilla Williams: Then I'd be Private Winkie!

Sgt. Donald MacDuff: Private Winkie it is. A full-fledged soldier of the Queen!

Priscilla Williams: [about the Colonel] I think he's gonna like you, Mommy. Even if he doesn't like me.

Sgt. Donald MacDuff: You made a very good beginning.

Priscilla Williams: Yes, but who ever head of a solider named Priscilla?

Sgt. Donald MacDuff: Aye, that's the point. You couldn't take Private Pricilla very seriously, could you? We'll have to find a new name for you.


Sgt. Donald MacDuff: I got it! I got it! Wee Willie Winkie.

Priscilla Williams: Wee Willie Winkie?

[They both laugh]

Priscilla Williams: Was he a friend of yours?

Sgt. Donald MacDuff: Nah, he was a lad in an old scotch rhyme. Wee Willie Winkie ran through the town... Wee Willie Winkie ran through the town... he ran through the... well,he was a lad who was always getting himself into difficulties.

Priscilla Williams: Coppy, I'm kinda worried.

Coppy - Lieut. Brandes: You are? About what?

Priscilla Williams: I've gotta be a solider and I don't know where to start.

Coppy - Lieut. Brandes: Who put that idea into your head?

Priscilla Williams: The Colonel. You see, the colonel never had any little girls around. All he understands in soliders. So I've decided to be one. Then he'll like me. How do I start, Coppy?

Priscilla Williams: But he was so glad to get back his necklace, Sergeant.

Sgt. Donald MacDuff: Well, it will take more than a necklace to get him out of that jail.

Priscilla Williams: But why are they gonna put him in jail?

Sgt. Donald MacDuff: Because he's a blackhearted thieving batan, that's why.

Priscilla Williams: But he was such a nice gentleman.

Sgt. Donald MacDuff: Gentleman? Pah! A gentleman, why he'd cut your head off as soon as he'd get ya.