Bartender at Charity Bazarr: [with wine bottle] Shall I pour it sir?

Mr. Henry Basscombe: [sarcastically] What do you expect it to... sweat itself out?

Dustin Willoughby: [as Diane is leaving in a huff] Goodbye, Diane. Forget me and marry a Sagitarius.

Mr. Henry Basscombe: [angrily as he is leaving too through the door] She's gonna marry an American like her mother did!

Mr. Henry Basscombe: Are you going to marry my daughter?

Dustin Willoughby: Why we can't marry while Uranus faces Jupiter>

Mr. Henry Basscombe: [exasperated] Ih, we're gonna start that again? Hunh?

Dustin Willoughby: As a matter of fact, we shouldn't get narried at all.

Mrs. Fanny Basscombe: [clearly upset] Just a minute...!

Diane Basscombe: [shocked] Dustin... !

Dustin Willoughby: [trying to explain] Well, you see, she's earth, and I'm water. You mix the two and you get mud. What could we expect our children to be?

Larry Burke: Every time I try to make a date, one of your planets gets a stomach ache. I'm sick of it.

Dustin Willoughby: So are the planets.

Diane Basscombe: [noticing his black eye] Why, what happened to your eye?

Dustin Willoughby: [casually] Oh, forgetfulness.

Diane Basscombe: Forgetfulness?

Dustin Willoughby: I forgot to duck.

Judge O'Day: Where have I seen you before?

Dustin Willoughby: Well, I was at the army and navy game.