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  • No problem. Just make another jungle picture with lots of "o's" in the title.

    So wrapped around many feet of Malayan jungle footage, Robert E. Walsh wrote a story about a young-stiff-upper-lipped British officer, Robert Rogers (Colin Tapley)who writes a book about a white tiger and sacrifices of native girls by the Sakai tribe in Malaya. But the critics (and know-it-alls who didn't believe in white tigers) ridiculed the book. Since the book was based on stories Robert's old daddy had told him, there wasn't anything Robert could do but trek off to Malaya (after freshening up in Singapore) and prove his old daddy had given him the straight scoop. Especially since the Explorer's Society had removed the elder Roberts' plaque from its hallowed walls.

    (Back off...nobody claimed it was going to be "Four Feathers.")

    Some credibility is lost when, warming up before going after the white tiger, Roberts lassos a Saladang which is advertised as being the most feared animal in the world. Evidently, this Saladang doesn't know his reputation and just reacts to getting roped as calmly as your-everyday water buffalo chewing on his cud.

    But later on Roberts is captured by a fierce tribe of natives, gets clawed by a tiger, rescues Mamo Clark from being sacrificed, and has several encounters with pythons, who appear to not be an endangered species as they are hanging from every tree limb in Malaya.

    Jayne Regan provides the romantic interest as the---what else when British officers are concerned---Colonel's daughter. And, ere long or about an hour, Roberts returns and makes the scoffing club members put his father's plaque back upon their stuffy wall.