This is one of 54 Hopalong Cassidy features produced by Harry Sherman, initially distributed by Paramount Pictures from 1935-1941, and then by United Artists 1942-1944, which were purchased by their star William Boyd for nationally syndicated television presentation beginning in 1948 and continuing thereafter for many years, as a result of their phenomenal success. Each feature was re-edited to 54 minutes so as to comfortably fit into a 60 minute time slot, with six minutes for commercials. It was not until 50 years later that, with the cooperation of Mrs. Boyd. i.e. Grace Bradley, that they were finally restored to their original length with their original opening and closing credits intact.

This was the second time Nora Lane was cast as the widowed ranch owner, Nora Blake. The first was Hopalong Rides Again. She was in four Hoppy films altogether.

The sixteenth of sixty-six Hopalong Cassidy movies.

This film's initial telecast took place in Los Angeles Saturday 9 October 1948 on KTLA (Channel 5).