Steven 'Steve' Evans: Hey, Aunt Lucy, how'd you like to pick up a few extra bucks?

Aunt Lucy McCaffey: On a horse, I suppose.

Steven 'Steve' Evans: Yeah.

Aunt Lucy McCaffey: Awww.

[waves her hand]

Steven 'Steve' Evans: But this one's different.

Aunt Lucy McCaffey: What does he do, run backwards?

Aunt Lucy McCaffey: Say, Fred: we're having a little party tonight and I thought mayeb you'd like to help out.

Fred, the Elevator Operator: [smiling broadly] Yes, ma'am!

Aunt Lucy McCaffey: Have you ever done any serving?

Fred, the Elevator Operator: Yes, ma'am, I served six months once in Georgia!

Aunt Lucy McCaffey: Oh, well, we only need you for a couple of hours.

Al: Listen, if they got dough, they're not screwy, they're eccentric!