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  • Spondonman26 November 2006
    I See Ice was the 8th film George Formby had made, it fell in his classic period 1937-41 before the move from Ealing to Columbia. All of the familiar ingredients were in place, the essential part being the shy guy falling for the cultured girl (in this case the lovely Kay Walsh) and overcoming adversity to win her. With a few songs.

    Here George is an aspiring photographer who is "commissioned" by a newspaper's boss to get pictures of the big ice hockey match – much against the organisers' wishes. His secret weapon is that the camera is ingeniously hidden. For much of the film he's on the run from the police who are steely and desperate to catch him as he had previously stopped the train to London and refused to pay the £5 fine or do the 14 days in prison. Nowadays of course, the British police are not even interested in apprehending violent street muggers because it only carries a caution – so much for progress! The songs are In My little Snapshot Album (in the baggage van), Oughts and Crosses (at the Lotus Club) and Mother What'll I Do Now (in his cell). Roddy McDowell has a brief scene on the train at the beginning (taking him to Hollywood?) and Garry Marsh has a good role as a very human newspaper editor with a nice girlfriend.

    All in all, one of my favourite Formby's, utter nonsense to the uninitiated but a harmless little film with a nice atmosphere from another world.
  • After the big success of "Keep Fit" in 1937, Basil Dean rushed its stars, George Formby and Kay Walsh into another topical vehicle, "I See Ice" which capitalized on the ice hockey craze then hitting England. While Cyril Richard may seem an odd choice for the romantic jock-villain, the film is fast-paced with lots of good slapstick and some lively songs. George Formby in top form if not in his top material, and Kay Walsh is delicious.
  • George (Formby) is a budding photograper who finds himself involved with a competitive ice skater (Kay Walsh) while on his way to London. His invention of a camera in his bow tie is used to catch cheats.

    Interesting, if an at times convoluted Formby vehicle and sings a number of tunes along the way including 'In My Little Snapshot Album' and 'Mother, What'll I Do Now?'. Produced by Basil Dean and shot by Roland Neame.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just about all of George Formby's 1930's movies feature at least one of his greatest song successes."I See Ice" (1938) is no exception, as George strums his way through the Jimmy Harper, William Haines and Harry Parr Davies number, "In My Little Snapshot Album".

    However, the plot itself is a little odd and was obviously concocted to cash in on the current ice-skating craze. It sometimes features George only incidentally while it concentrates on Cyril Ritchard (playing the villain, of course, but playing it straight for once) pursuing a somewhat colorless Kay Walsh; plus magazine editor Garry Marsh's efforts to "buy" an incriminating photograph; and assorted ice hockey "stars".

    The most colorful of all the support players, the incredibly lovely Betty Stockfeld, doesn't have much of a role at all – but the movie is worth seeing on her account alone. Keen-eyed viewers will also recognize Roddy McDowall in his movie debut as the boy on the train.

    George blunders his way through in his usual style, but is noticeably absent from the slapstick climax in which all his skating mishaps are performed by an obvious double. (Available on a 10/10 Optimum DVD).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This time he is a aspiring photographer.He has a unique invention, a mini camera disguises as a bow tie. As he is going on a train home to Birmingham, not Alabama, he meets professional ice skater Judy,played by British stalwart actress Kay Walsh, who is with skating partner Paul, played by Cyril Ritchard,who wants to get into her pants, on their way to the 1937 ice skating part of the Olympics. While he goes to the dining car, she meets George and end up sharing his supper as he shows her his photographs and his bow tie camera. By the time Cyril gets finished he finally confronts the visit and she goes back with him. George gets in trouble when he pull the emergency train breaks, when he discovers that he misses his stop. He 's chased cause he now has to pay a fine or go to jail. He ends up in Judy's compartment and she helps hiding him. Paul find put and threatened him, but give in to Judy. George is able to leave the train disguise as a women. He had agreed to take picture of the ice skate show then he can send it to the new paper and may be get famous.But the police are their and chases him on the stage messing up the skating act,She's fired. He ends up going to the Hotel where a famous explorer is incognito to take his picture. He chase him but does not catch him.He goes to the new paper to sell Annes photo plus the others. The head played by Tim, played by Garry Marsh, notices that the photo of the the explorer includes him and his married girl friend Diane Hunter, played by Betty Stockfield, the wife of Col,Stockfield play by Archibald Batty. He thinks that George is going to black mail him.So he states to meet him in the car later and he and his friend Judy is invited to eat. Both Tim and Diane are worried.They tell his Hench men to make trouble with him at the restaurant.But when he at the car he only tells him George to Tim that in return for the photos he want Tim to put the photos of Judy in the ice skate show in the newspaper.He's surprised and agrees but it's too late to stop his henchmen. Cyril is fed up with George taking his girl friend away .So calls the police against him , since Geroge is running away from the cops to avoid paying a fine for stopping the train,earlier the boss of the news appears, hire him to try to take a picture of the hockey team that is being forbidden. The police catches up with him and ends up being in jail for that charge.This makes Ann think that he doesn't love her anymore, as Cyril convinces her. But with the aid of Diane he shows up to sneak those picture of the hockey team. Judy is united with him and explains the situations. Cyrils makes trouble by taking the camera way but manages to have another sneaky Camera to take the hockey game.Funny production 11/19/11