Betty Bartholomew: [barging into his office, holding a newspaper] Listen to me, Peter Lawrence. Did you write this?

Peter Lawrence: If it's in my column, I guess I did.

Betty Bartholomew: Well, you oughta be assumed of yourself, saying I don't support my mother and that she had to go the poorhouse.

Peter Lawrence: Well, she did, didn't she?

Betty Bartholomew: Well, yes. But she likes it there.

Peter Lawrence: Look, I'm, awful busy now. But I'll put an item in tomorrow's column that'll be practically a retraction. Be a swell plug for you, too.

Betty Bartholomew: [dubious] Yeah, let's hear it.

Peter Lawrence: OK.

Peter Lawrence: [addressing his assistant] Mary, get this: Miss Betty Bartholomew of the nightclub Bartholomews, gave up one whole morning last week taking her mother to the poorhouse in her new 12 cylinder car.

Betty Bartholomew: [just before exiting] Ah, that's sweet, Pete. Thanks a lot. Drop up and have a drink sometime, will ya?

Carlotta Lee: Wait a minute, just a week ago I gave you $300. What did you do with it?

Jimmy Slattery: You're right. Let me see.

Jimmy Slattery: Well, I spent $150 on a dame. I lose a hundred and thirty in a crap game. The other twenty? I suppose I just wasted it!