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  • I should confess up front that Myrna Loy buys the first 6 points just for showing up. That said, I think this movie has been underrated. It's a bit uneven and has some weak moments - self conscious and over wrought, or at least over written. But all in all, there's a lot to like. Myrna Loy, for one. Wait. I said that already. There are two really interesting characters - Loy's and Pigeon's. Russell and Tone are fine, but one dimensional. Meg, Loy's mother, is quite good, if expected. And despite Tone's obvious love for Loy throughout, there's no compelling chemistry between them even at the end when they're supposed to be obviously in love. But the overall package is well worth it.
  • Okay, so maybe it's really uneven, but there are wonderful moments -- like Myrna Loy's drunk scene, and many of the scenes between Loy and Franchot Tone, especially the "Why didn't we name them Nip and Tuck?" scene in the car. The premise could be promising, but a lot of the dialogue is stilted and silly. However, Myrna insisting that they had oars all the time is great.
  • Based on the casting that included Myra Loy and Rosalind Russell, I decided to watch this movie. Some reviews are unkind so I was surprised to find that I enjoyed it as much as I did. And I watch a lot of the thirties and forties movies. My impressions...

    • It evolved from a comedy into a more serious theme of troubled relationships. Uneven but still interesting.

    • I had to check out the date of the movie to verify that it was not pre-code film because the storyline became more 'adult' as it moved along, until the ending.

    • I enjoyed Franchot Tone, who I was not that familiar with. Definitely want to see him in some other films.

    • Some call the dialog stilted but I found myself listening closely to it because there was a lot of thought in the words spoken.

    Bottom line - there are mixed reviews but I found this film to be well worth the time spent.
  • TheDuchessofM7 April 2010
    I got chewed out for asking this over on the Classic Movie Board, but why oh why did Myrna take this dreck? Unlike her other MGM women peers, Myrna went straight from "Oriential" villaness to vamp to good-time girl to wife and mother. In the process, she rarely got the chance to do the witty, champagne romantic comedies given to Joan Crawford or Norma Shearer at MGM, or even Irene Dunne, Claudette Colbert and Jean Arthur at other studios. Her few stabs at it were, regrettably, very, very lackluster, as it seems the studio just didn't know what to do with Myrna if she wasn't portraying William Powell's sly wife or Clark Gable's ultra-feminine love interest (on that note, I recently watched Myrna in the pre-code "Penthouse" and she was an absolute DOLL. Her character was a call-girl, but Myrna was so witty and breezy and sexy; wish she could have kept some of that).

    Man-Proof is one of those lackluster films given to Myrna when she wasn't paired with Clark or William or Robert Montgomery. Here she plays Mimi, who is in love with Alan (a stodgy Walter Pidgeon), and is the sparring partner of Jimmy (Franchot Tone). Alan breaks Mimi's heart by eloping with the wealthy Elizabeth (Rosalind Russell in her annoying "lady Mary" voice)--who in turn bizarrely invites Mimi to be her bridesmaid. Elizabeth wears this horrible wedding gown that looks like some sort of Medieval wimple and gown--and is completely serious! The film begins innocently enough, but it peaks during Myrna's wonderful drunk scene at the reception, where she'd struggled to hold it together as everyone gossiped about her being jilted.

    After this scene, it seems as though the writer(s) just threw at the plot. One of the culprits is probably the Production Code, since adultery was not to be condoned, so the scandal of Alan and Mimi's meetings is muted and getting around the subject was even more awkward than Joan Crawford and Robert Montgomery's escapades in "Forsaking All Others." Jimmy spends the majority of the film drunk and dully witty, which is supposed to hide his true feelings, but comes across as obnoxious in scene after scene of his drunk nonchalance. However, the main culprit is the complete and utter lack of character motivation. Mimi we get, Jimmy somewhat, but Alan and Elizabeth not at all. As I watched the film I kept asking: why did Elizabeth invite Mimi to be her bridesmaid? Why did she condone Alan running around town with Mimi? What did Alan want from Mimi after his marriage? Who were they? And after Alan returns to the oh-so understanding Elizabeth, I still didn't understand the characters.

    Needless to say, the only charm to this film is Myrna Loy. The script isn't at all good, and the direction was faulty, but Myrna and Franchot tried. Track this down only if you have a hankering to view Myrna's filmography.
  • marcslope27 June 2005
    It starts out as a bubbly comedy and quickly sinks into "women's picture" banality, with Loy inexplicably pining over stolid Walter P., who is marrying Rosalind Russell (her la-di-dah accent is intolerable), while Franchot Tone is making drunken quips on the sidelines. The tone is all over the place, now breezy, now soap-opera, and poor Myrna Loy looks miserable throughout -- she must have known how negligible this script is. The characters' alliances shift scene by scene, without explanation, and the happy-ending fadeout wouldn't convince a five-year-old. The four leads are pros and almost always interesting to watch, but this one is so MGM-fake and dramatically underpowered that it plays like a prehistoric episode of "One Life to Live."
  • Mimi (Myrna Loy) is not taking the marriage of ex, Allen Wythe (Walter Pidgeon), lying down. Even with a Mrs. Wythe (Rosalind Russell) in the picture she is determined to get him back. When she makes her move on Allen it turns out easier than she expected but much more difficult in other ways.

    Aside from Mimi's husband stealing focus the cast of Man Proof remains on good behavior most of the time as they restrain themselves and the picture from going comically screwball. Loy who wonderfully underplays a drunk scene sobers up long enough to maturely assess her actions while Russell shows similar restraint at Loy's audacity. Meanwhile cad Pidgeon sees no problem with doing Mimi on the side.

    With adults behaving like adults Man-Proof is void of zaniness most of the way. Loy, Russell, Pidgeon and Franchot Tone as a graphic artist enamored with Mimi give sound performances but the overall production seems void of a rich sense of humor and Man-Proof is laugh proof more than it should be.
  • blanche-224 August 2010
    "Man-Proof" is one of those films that the studios just ground out week after week. There's nothing particularly special about it unless you count Myrna Loy, who is always special. Here she plays a young woman, Mimi, from new money - her mother (Nana Bryant) is a popular romance novelist -- who's jilted by her boyfriend Alan (Walter Pidgeon). He dumps her unceremoniously to marry Elizabeth (Rosalind Russell), who has lots more money. A family friend, Jimmy (Franchot Tone) who seems to love Mimi himself, thinks he's a jerk and is just as glad.

    After the wedding, Mimi, Alan, and Elizabeth bury the hatchet, and Mimi and Alan decide to be friends. After an evening at the fights while Elizabeth is home sick, Mimi decides that she wants Alan back.

    This is pretty predictable stuff, overwritten with heavy dialogue. I will say this - Rosalind Russell wears the most atrocious-looking wedding veil I've ever seen. It seems to be held up on either side of the head by wires and resembles the flying nun's habit, and it looks like it's made of cellophane. Actually it's some sort of silk but it's hideous. Worth a look if you want to chuckle.

    Pidgeon and Loy are good; Franchot Tone doesn't have much to do but wisecrack. Loy is beautiful as usual. Not much to recommend this.
  • eliene503 November 2015
    This movie with Myrna Loy, Franchot Tone, Walter Pidgeon and Rosalind Russell is one of my VERY Favorite movies of all time! I watch it whenever I get a chance!

    This is a movie you have to watch more than once to get the gist of what is really going on!

    I love Myrna Loy in this role! I also love her Mom, not to mention Franchot Tone! I think some of the people who reviewed this movie, did not get it!

    Thanks for the chance to give my view! I rate it 10+ !!

    So many of us on here just want to know exactly when is this movie going to be added to DVD so we can purchase it? I will be the first one in line!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I like Myrna Loy. I like Franchot Tone. I like Rosalind Russell. I like Walter Pidgeon. I hated this movie.

    For Rosalind Russell's wedding gown alone this film should get a demerit!!!!! But the problem here is that Myrna Loy's character is despicable...and then we're supposed to forgive her in the end. Bull toddy. The whole basis of the film is that Loy is in love with Walter Pidgeon, but he marries Rosalind Russell. And the depressed Loy sets out to sabotage the marriage and win Pidgeon back. She has no morals and no conscience.

    Another problem is that she really dislikes Franchot Tone who is friends with Loy's mother. Which of course we know means that Loy and Tone will end up together before the end of the movie.

    What's good here is a mostly more lighthearted role for Walter Pidgeon than we're used to. And, handles it well. And, Franchot Tone's role is good here, as well. Character actress Nana Bryant as Loy's mother turns in a good performance as well.

    Honestly, were it not for my desire to watch more Franchot Tone films lately, I wish I had just turned this film off after about the first 20 minutes. Take my what I should have done.
  • Kind6728 August 2018
    I noticed from the IMDB cast list of the film that Rita Johnson and Ruth Hussey's scenes are deleted from the film. Perhaps this explains why the movie seems to have no proper beginning that explains the characters' motivations. At the beginning of the print I saw, Myrna Loy's character is heartbroken over losing Walter Pidgeon's character to Rosalind Russell's. However, it's not clear why she likes Walter Pidgeon's character, though. For me, Franchot Tone's character comes off as much more likeable, but maybe that's Franchot Tone--who usually seemed charming in films. It's hard not to enjoy a film with such great actors as those in this film, but if this film was edited, it's hard to see why. The version I saw (not sure if there's another one) was only about 1 hour and ten minutes long so it couldn't have been too long unless it was meant to be a B-picture, but why make a B-picture with an A-list cast? Anyway, I think fans of Rosalind Russell and Franchot Tone will like it more than Myrna Loy or Walter Pidgeon fans will since both Myrna and Walter play rather dislikable characters, although both do a fine job of making them believable. But Rosalind Russell and Franchot Tone have less screen time, so even their fans may be disappointed in this film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Even though MGM had a huge cast of stars and tremendous budgets, sometimes even this film giant had a flop during its glory days and one such flop clearly is MAN-PROOF. Now you can't blame the stars, as this film featured the great talents of Myrna Loy, Walter Pidgeon, Franchot Tone and Rosalind Russell. No, instead the blame rests with the producer for casting these actors in this turkey and for the writers for producing a third-rate script. How no one realized this before hand is beyond me.

    The biggest problem with the script is that it's hard to like or care about anyone. While this is practically an insurmountable problem in most films, it's made even worse because the selfish and nasty plot just doesn't work with Myrna Loy in particular, as she made a career out of playing nice people. To make matters worse, she was the most selfish and unlikable person in the entire film.

    Here's the plot: Although Myrna and Walter are dating and people expect them to marry, at the last minute he instead marries Rosalind. He apparently does this because Roz is rich and Myrna isn't! Well, Rosalind is no picnic, either, as she knows she's taking Myrna's fellow and to add insult to injury, she asks Myrna to be a bridesmaid!! So, following the wedding, Myrna makes it her personal mission to destroy the marriage and take Walter back--proving she's nasty AND stupid for wanting this rat after he dumped her! Franchot is the nicest and most likable of them--spending most of the movie drunk! What a motley group of jerks--not a single one who you can respect or like! Plus, the film just seems mean-spirited and hard to believe or stomach!! The bottom line is that this might just be the worst film any of these four appeared in during their long careers. Not well made, enjoyable or interesting in the least. Even Monogram Studios might have been ashamed to put their name on this production!
  • This is a typical love triangle movie with Myrna Loy, Rosalind Russell and Walter Pidgeon, with Franchot Tone at the odd man out. It's hard to know which is worse, the acting, the plot or the dialog. The outcome is fairly predictable, given the time period when this movie was made. As far as the acting goes, Ms. Loy is thoroughly unlikeable, Mr. Pidgeon stiff and Mr. Tone an insipid hanger-on. Ms. Russell comes off the best of the lot, thought her final scene when she is magnanimously prepared to give up her husband is unconvincing and without the necessary character motivation. Motivation is also lacking in the apparent coupling of Myrna Loy and Franchot Tone, when the prior attraction seemed to be all one-sided. The best acting by far is by the little known Nana Bryant, who plays Loy's mother.
  • pepe4u223 February 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    I am a big fan of Myrna's and what is thought would be a nice frothy comedy turned into the perverbial pumpkin this movie could have been funny the components were there but what happened was a train wreck first myrna getting thrown over for rosaline russell's character...what i thought..myrna dreaming of walter pidgeon...what...the obvious choice in franchot tone but he was what...the only good points where laughing at rosaline's wedding headpiece and the banter when myrna and franchot picking up the hitchhiker...myrna looked radiant as usual and that gives the movie a 10 for me but the rest was a -7 for poor direction poor rationale and just wasting talent.