Lullaby Joslin: Reckon the folks in Red River will kinda be surprised they're gettin' three investigators when they only asked for one?

Stony Brooke: They're only gettin' one - and his two assistants.

Tucson Smith: And you're the one?

Stony Brooke: Sure!

Tucson Smith: It's awfully nice of you to take us along for the ride.

Jane Mason: Won't you sit next to Mr. Joslin, Mr. Smith?

Tucson Smith: Thank you, but you can cut out the "Mister" business and just call me "Tucson."

Lullaby Joslin: Why not? All the rest of the gals do.

[Jane brings Tex, recuperating from a bullet wound, a tray of food]

Lullaby Joslin: Hmm, boy. Swell eats!

Jane Mason: Yes, but not for you.

Lullaby Joslin: Looks like they shot the wrong fella.

Stony Brooke: Very lovely.

Stony Brooke: The lady or the music?

Stony Brooke: You play beautifully, too.

Evelyn Maxwell: Have you heard, "I'll Kiss You in the Moonlight"?

Stony Brooke: Is that a song or a promise?

[Stony, one of the Mesquiteers, is pretending to be "Mr. Benson"]

Jane Mason: These are the Mesquiteers, Mr. Smith and Mr. Joslin. I'd like to present Mr. Benson.

Stony BrookeTucson SmithLullaby Joslin: Howdy.

Stony Brooke: Strange lookin' characters, aren't they? I heard there were three of them. The third must be the brains.

[the Mesquiteers have locked a henchman in a refrigerated truck]

Tucson Smith: Say, aren't you afraid he'll catch cold?

Lullaby Joslin: I'm afraid the cold's gonna catch him.

Hartley: I hope you're a good driver - this is a valuable load you're hauling.

Tucson Smith: Best in the land - all high-grade, government inspected citizens.

Justice of the Peace: Opening day of the fishing season and you had to get hitched. Why didn't you come in yesterday?

Stony Brooke: 'Cause the lady didn't say "Yes" until today.

Tommy Jones: Gee, I wish they'd hurry up.

Lullaby Joslin: You want to see the weddin', eh?

Tommy Jones: No, I want to get out of these store clothes!

Lullaby Joslin: Now, Tommy, this marriage is a serious business.

Elmer, Lullaby's Dummy: Yeah, and it's more serious as the years roll on.

[last lines]

Justice of the Peace: Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help... Pardon me. Do you, Tex Reilly, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, so help you?

Elmer, Lullaby's Dummy: "So help him" is right!