Frank Medlin: [He's just arrived home drunk] You know what happened to me today? A very funny thing. I was asleep in a nice, comfortable gutter. I mean, there were no rents to pay, no novels to write, no nothing... But all of a sudden I remembered that I was a man of responsibilities. Ha ha! A man of responsibilities - that's me!

Frank Medlin: You know, sometimes a man goes from wanting too much, to wanting nothing. He ought to do it gradually, or he gets all mixed up.

Frank Medlin: [In his goodbye note] Dear Louise - Our love is dying a tawdry death - my fault - so at midnight I ship out for a new horizon. Good-bye. - Frank

Ned Elliott: Rose, maybe when a man has everything he wants, it's time to die. He waits too long; it's liable to turn sour on him.

Grace Elliott Knivel: I'm afraid of being unhappy.

Ned Elliott: Unhappiness ain't so bad... kind of makes happiness all the keener.

Louise Elliott Medlin: Frank, I can't have you running off like this.

Frank Medlin: If you really love me, come with me to San Francisco tonight. Will you?

Louise Elliott Medlin: Yes.

Frank Medlin: [Asking the City Editor for a raise] I'm a married man with responsibilities, and all I'm asking you for is enough money to live like a human being.

City Editor: You can't come around here complaining about "hard times" when you smell like a saloon most of the time!

Frank Medlin: Ha! You're a fine one to preach! Why, you've had your nose in a whiskey bottle so long it looks like an old cork!

City Editor: I've had enough out of you, Medlin. You're fired!

Frank Medlin: [Slightly taken aback] Fired?... That's fine. I'll go get myself a decent job, now. Merry Christmas!

Tim Hazelton: [He's just returned to San Francisco after a long time away at sea] You look like someone they forgot to bury.

Frank Medlin: They didn't forget - I just wasn't there when they came around.

Frank Medlin: Oh, please, I'm quite harmless really.

Louise Elliott Medlin: I think you are.

Ned Elliott: Good thing we elect a President only once every four years.

Frank Medlin: [Anxious to know Tim's opinion of his novel in progress] Well, are you through?

Tim Hazelton: Yes.

Frank Medlin: Pretty bad, ay?

Tim Hazelton: Well, I'm no literary critic.

Frank Medlin: [laughs derisively] You don't have to be. All you've got to be is be able to smell.

Louise Elliott Medlin: [to Grace] But if you love a man, you've got to understand his weaknesses as well as take pride in his strengths. and if you love him, you'll fight for him 'til you know he belongs to another woman.

Frank Medlin: [to Louise] You have a very exciting serenity