Young Soldier: [At attention] Major, now that the war is over, can I call you "father" again?

Erich Lohkamp: Cinderella is off to the ball

[looks back to his friends]

Erich Lohkamp: so long, sisters.

Gottfried Lenz: [his top hat's flat] Hey, I can't get this thing open. Anybody got a tire iron?

Patricia Hollmann: You could sit back here.

Erich Lohkamp: Oh no, I couldn't trust myself next to that dress.

Erich Lohkamp: I'm going to spill champagne from Hamburg to Munich. Fall in love with every girl I meet. I'm going to live!

Otto Koster: I'll drink to what I value most. The three of us. To us. Not from day to day now, but year to year.

Gottfried Lenz: I drink to those who think of home tonight. I drink to the peace they hope to find at home now that peace has come to them at war.