Although the onscreen credits state this is an original story, it is actually a remake of Murder Will Out (1930), which has a virtually identical plot and uses many of the same character names.

The print actually credits the "original story" to Murray Leinster and Will Jenkins. Perhaps the filmmakers didn't realize that "Will Jenkins" is a pseudonym for Leinster, but it was probably just an inside joke.

The seventh of nine "Torchy Blane" films from Warner Brothers made from 1937-39.

The "Mayor" of Chinatown is played by Tetsu Komai--who is Japanese.

Lee Phelps is credited in studio records as "Detective", but he is not seen in the movie.

This film's earliest documented telecast took place in Tucson Friday 30 November 1956 on KDWI (Channel 9); it first aired in Portland OR Friday 28 June 1957 on KPTV (Channel 12), and in Honolulu Monday 22 July 1957 on KHVH (Channel 13).