[Popeye's face turns several different colors while wooing the Princess]

Popeye/Aladdin: I don't know what to say, I never made love in Technicolor before...

Olive Oyl: Help! Popeye - I mean Aladdin - save me!

Prophecy: A rub on this lamp will bring riches & fame / This lamp is well guarded by torrents & flame / But one dare secure it, Aladdin's his name / He liveth on the corner of Chow and Main!

[bowing his way out from the Princess's presence]

Slave: Salami, salami, baloney.

Popeye/Aladdin: A wish?

[Under his breath]

Popeye/Aladdin: Wish, wish, I can have a wish huh?


Popeye/Aladdin: Well I wish I was out of here. Can you shows me the entrance to the exit?

Genie: You bet.

[Makes a giant hole in the wall of the cave that has an escalator leading out]

Popeye/Aladdin: Wow, an escalavator.

Genie: I am the flame of the lamp. I come from the nowhere, I go to the noplace, und here I am.

[repeated line whenever Popeye gives him a wish]

Genie: You said it!

Evil Wazzir: Help! I'm a fish!

Popeye/Aladdin: [singing] What can I do for you? / I'd do most anything you asked me to / I'd go and get that pot of gold from the rainbow, and bring it where you are / And then, I'd hitch your wagon to a star... / What can I do for you? / Hey, how'd ya like to have yer dreams come true? / I'd like to make ya happy, through and through! / 'Deed I do! / So what can I do for you?