The sixth of seven movies featuring the original six Dead End Kids.

Warner Bros. Studios began to tire of the boys' antics during production of "Angels Wash Their Faces." Among their pranks: throwing a lit firecracker in Humphrey Bogart's dressing room, painting obscene murals on the office walls, and setting off fire sprinklers in the wardrobe department. The studio hired a former football player, Russ Saunders, in hopes of taming their unruly sextet. He ultimately had to use a fire hose on them. Ultimately the studio became fed up and dropped their contract.

Despite its title and the cast holdovers, this was not a sequel to "Angels with Dirty Faces."

When Billy mentions that even the President has a woman in his Cabinet before appointing Peggy to head the street sweeping department, he is referring to Frances Perkins (1880-1965) who was Secretary of Labor during President Franklin Roosevelt's entire presidency from 1933 to 1945 and was the first woman appointed to a Cabinet position. There would not be another woman in the Cabinet until 1975.

Working title: "The Battle of City Hall"

This film's earliest documented telecasts took place in Columbus Thursday 26 July 1956 on WTVN (Channel 6), in Tucson Friday 3 August 1956 on KDWI (Channel 9), in Indianapolis Saturday 4 August 1956 on WISH (Channel 8), in Los Angeles Tuesday 11 September 1956 on KNXT (Channel 2), and in Boston Tuesday 2 October 1956 on WBZ (Channel 4).