Mr. Borden: Well, Michael, there seems to be a touch of spring in the air.

Mike: Yes sir, that's something even the poor people can enjoy.

Mary Grey: I guess rich people are just poor people with money.

Mr. Borden: [Seeing Mary eat an apple for her dinner] Are you on a diet?

Mary Grey: Yes, but against my wishes.

Mike: You get my goat!

Mary Grey: Where'd you get it in the first place?

Mr. Borden: You see, it's my birthday.

Mary Grey: [Cynically] Birthdays are all right, but you never get over the first one.

Minnesota's girlfriend: Why don't you give your boyfriend a liver pill?

Mary Grey: Why don't you button up your lip?

Mrs. Borden: [after being questioned about her extramarital affairs] At any rate, I have a right to lead my own life.


Mrs. Borden: I'm not a child.

Katherine Borden: You're old enough to be my mother.

Mary Grey: Age doesn't matter when the real thing comes along.

Mary Grey: If you're a fool enough to spend it, I'm smart enough to help you.

Mr. Borden: [Looking at the loud tie his secretary has given him for his birthday] Well, that's one bright spot on a gloomy day.

Mary Grey: [to Borden] If I stay in this house any longer, you're not going to have any family, and I'm not going to have any sanity.

Mike: [after being uestioned by the family about Borden's activities] The nocturnal meanderings of the upper class do not interest me!

Tim Borden: Might as well be civil!

Mike: [Haughtily] Only when civil liberties are in danger.

Mr. Borden: Higgins, I wonder why people work as hard as they do and for what?

Higgins: To be frank, sir, we servants enjoy the luxuries of the rich and have none of the responsibilities.

Seal Expert: [At the Central Park Zoo] Don't get them seals wrong, lady. They have more intelligence than most of the carnivorous, except the dog.

Mary Grey: That so?

Mr. Borden: Anyhow, they seem to be having a nice time.

Mary Grey: I can't imagine it would be much fun, swimming around all day in a fur coat.

Seal Expert: That's were you're wrong again, lady. These ain't fur seals at all.

Mary Grey: They ain't?

Mr. Borden: Say, you don't think that I followed you over here?

Mary Grey: Why should you? What are you? A flatfoot?

Mr. Borden: Eh, oh, you mean a detective. Oh, no, no.

Mary Grey: Well, if you are, I haven't done anything.

Mary Grey: [Sitting a on park bench in Central Park] You sound like one of them Fifth Avenue cadavers.

Mr. Borden: Fifth Avenue what?

Mary Grey: Those people that live over there...

Mr. Borden: How do they sound.

Mary Grey: Oh, they're always squawking. You'd think the country was going to the dogs.

Mr. Borden: Well, they've got their problems too.

Mary Grey: What problems? I used to stand at the Plaza at night and watch them go home. They look like a lot of wax dummies that have eaten an overdose of sour pickles.

Mr. Borden: We could go some place and eat.

Mary Grey: Where?

Mr. Borden: Well, there's the Flamingo Club.

Mary Grey: The Flamingo? You mean that very elegant cafe over on...

Mr. Borden: Well, people must have a wonderful time there, it costs so much... I mean it. I'd love to go.

Mary Grey: So would I. But, I'd just as soon go to the automat and keep the change.

Mary Grey: [Sipping champagne] Every time I drink a sip of this, its just like drinking six pairs of silk stockings.

Mary Grey: Say, you, lay off the government.

Mr. Borden: Where did you come from?

Mary Grey: From upstairs.

Mr. Borden: I know, but, how did you get upstairs?

Mary Grey: Well, don't you remember?

Mr. Borden: In a way I do, but, in a way I don't.

Higgins: You were very quiet after you fell down the stairs, sir. You're last request was that we put Miss America in the guest room.

Mr. Borden: Miss America? Did somebody else come home with us?

Mary Grey: No, I'm Miss America.

Mary Grey: I understand you play polo.

Tim Borden: Yeah. What's that got to do with it?

Mary Grey: Nothing. It's just that I'm amazed.

Tim Borden: You're amazed at what?

Mary Grey: I'm amazed to discover that horses have better breeding than the people who ride them.

Mrs. Borden: Why, the situation is intolerable! I can't stay here another minute. I'm going to a hotel at once.

Tim Borden: That will be swell and there'll be a nice little item in tomorrow's paper asking what Fifth Avenue matron has been run out of her home by what young blonde.

Mrs. Borden: I'm not a matron!

Tim Borden: You can't run out on us. Suppose she marries father?

Katherine Borden: What's wrong with that? She's young and pretty.

Mrs. Borden: Are you implying that I'm old and ugly!

Mary Grey: Somebody's got to fill your father's shoes. They're probably too big for you.

Tim Borden: Oh, I'm not a man. Is that it?

Mary Grey: Oh, you wear long pants.

Tim Borden: I don't know anything about the *pump* business?

Mr. Borden: You'll learn. There's really nothing to it.

Mrs. Borden: Did you have a nice time at the office, dear?

Tim Borden: If anybody mentions the word pump to me again, I'm going to slaughter them.

Mrs. Borden: We owe a great deal to pumps.

Mrs. Borden: Well, look at the sacrifices I'm making... I don't go anywhere. I don't see anyone. I've given up all my friends.

Katherine Borden: Or vice versa.

Mr. Borden: Say, the family were being very nice to you when I came down.

Mary Grey: They nearly scared me to death.

Mary Grey: Well, it's pretty simple. Take something from somebody they don't want and they want it more than ever.

Mr. Borden: You've got a lot of common sense.

Mary Grey: You've lost yours, but, it'll come back.

Mary Grey: The other fella's pasture always looks greener.

Mary Grey: Everybody to his own poison.

Mr. Borden: It's like having an old car, one you've got used to. You can either junk it or try to salvage it.

Mary Grey: You're still in love with your wife, aren't you.

Mr. Borden: Well, no. But, you see, after a certain time, when love goes away, something else is left in its place which is even more important.

Katherine Borden: Why shouldn't younger people marry older people? Fat people marry thin people. Tall people marry short people.

Mary Grey: Why don't you stop shooting off your mouth until you know what you're talking about.

Mike: Well, if there weren't people like those in there, there wouldn't be people like me.

Mary Grey: There'd be people like you no matter what happens.

Mike: You're blaming me?

Mary Grey: I'm blaming you for being a dope! You're in love and you haven't enough spunk to fight for the thing you want.

Mike: I won't listen to such nonsense.

Mary Grey: You try to make everyone else unhappy. You try to make people believe things you don't even believe yourself.

Mike: So! You know all about me.

Mary Grey: You're like a pane of glass to me, brother. You haven't the courage to be a capitalist yourself so you try to drag everybody else down to where you are.

Mike: You're a capitalistic pawn.

Mary Grey: I'm a what?

Mike: You're a renegade to your class!

Mary Grey: You can't talk to me that way and get away with it!

Mary Grey: Oh, Higgins, you better get down to the kitchen. There's a revolution or something going on down there.

Mary Grey: Come on over here and sit down - so I can really get at this thing.

Tim Borden: A lot of sailors wandering around the park.

Mary Grey: What's wrong with sailors? They helped win the war.

Tim Borden: Great lovers, too.

Mr. Borden: You sure I'm not keeping you from an engagement?

Mrs. Borden: No. I was going to stay home tonight.

Mr. Borden: You're all dressed up.

Mrs. Borden: What? This? It's just a little informal thing I wear around.

Mr. Borden: Well, it's very pretty.

Mrs. Borden: It, eh, shows off my figure, doesn't it?

Mr. Borden: It shows a lot of it, if that's what you mean.

Mary Grey: [Breaking away from a kiss and embrace] I don't like rough stuff.

Tim Borden: Why don't you be honest?

Mary Grey: You're a big strong man, aren't you? Well, why don't you leave me alone?

Mike: I shall never forget my proletariat beginnings! Come on, babe.

Higgins: Aren't you feeling well, sir?

Mr. Borden: I guess I'm all right.

Higgins: Perhaps its a touch of spring fever.

Mr. Borden: Perhaps.

Higgins: I felt it myself this afternoon, just walking in the park.

Mr. Borden: What park?

Higgins: Central Park, sir.

Mr. Borden: Oh, yes, I forgot it was there.

Tim Borden: I don't know anything about pumps!

Tim Borden: I just about got you figured. You're a gold digger.

Mary Grey: And what *is* a gold digger?

Tim Borden: You ought to know.

Mary Grey: What makes you think you're not a gold digger? What have you done to deserve all this? What have you ever accomplished?

Tim Borden: We could have a girl show in the living room. That should keep him in at night.

Mary Grey: I'm not a very good faker. When I do things, I want to mean it.

Mr. Borden: I've got to get these shoes off before I go another step. They're killing me. I wonder who invented shoes?

Mary Grey: If the world were carpeted with leather we wouldn't have to wear any shoes. We could go barefoot.

Hobo in Park: Hey, how about a dime for a cup of coffee, lady?

Katherine Borden: Why you little blonde hussy!

Mrs. Borden: Well, the young people today are very irresponsible.

Mr. Borden: I guess there's no fool, like an old fool.

Mrs. Borden: All modern women have escorts. You know these horrible newspapers ruin more marriages than I care to mention.

Mrs. Borden: Do you know what I've been doing in my spare time?

Mr. Borden: What?

Mrs. Borden: Learning to Rhumba.


Mrs. Borden: I knew you'd be pleased.