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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was made to prepare audience for the next war and for Russia being over thrown by their Furor.That's it.This like the traditional grand hotel type story.It costars ,in small role ,2 character or actor.This would be the last films they did before they escaped the dictatorship.Karel Stephanek ,who plays the waiter who meets Franzi,played by Olly Holzmann of The White dream fame in which she sing Kauf Der Einen Luft Ballon, who is a dancer at the Viennese theater, at the hotel on New years night.Then there's other character actor,Walter Szurovy ,who plays A Newlywed husband,Mr Stoppling to stalwart German actress Elfriede Datzig as Mrs Stoppling.He would end up being a character actor in Hollywood and marry Rise Stevens and develop his acting agency.Stalwart German character actor,Leo Peukert,plays Count Kisman, who for the first time plays old Sugar daddy for the young Franzi.Herta Mayens also plays a small part as one of the dancers of the theater. A very young Oscar Werner makes a small appearance in this film. Wolf Aulbach Retty plays Lieutenant Herrngruber.His mommy,actress and grandmother of Romy Schneider, Rosa Aulbach Retty makes an appearance ,at the Private new years party sequence , as Aunt Regina. Austrian actress,Hedwig Bleibtrue, plays the owner of the hotel Sacher as she is preparing the rooms and the dance and dining hall for the new years party of her customers.Elfie Mayendorf portrays the daughter Siddy ,who is Herrngrubers girl friend or Fiancé,of Section Chief Erlauer,played by Carl Gunthers.There is musical numbers in this film.The ballet theater where the whole cast ,except Hedwig, shows up to watch the dancers.In the Russian tea room,nope I mean , the private party of your Russian royalties and higher ups, spies,there are traditional Russian songs.Leo Peukert sings a french song,not his voice neither.This was design to prepare audience for the invasion of Russia and France.Elfie sings a nice Russian song in one of the private rooms too.Now the plot the main plot.Willy Birgel,expresses at Villy Birgel, plays an government agent to track down a spy and get rid of them. It turns out to be his old flame, manic depressive,Sybille Schmitz.Her boss ,played by Hubert Hubner of Robert and Bertram in fame ,Barnoff. You see,Stephan has to kill Nadja, but he still loves her. They played the same kind of role after the war in 1946, another grand hotel type story but this time she Jewish and was being force to divorce her husband and the gestapo has her arrested but she kill her self,jumps out of the window,but that's another film.She survives but guess who doesn't?This should be watched with double feature of grand hotel.That's a good way to offend politically correct Hollywood.your American broadcaster would never show this film to protect the character actor anti Nazi careers. Excellent