Alec Walker: [after being asked who was on the phone] I haven't the remotest notion. She calls me up every now and then and we talk. I call her my telephone dream girl. It's practically weird.

Alec Walker: Do you want a cigarette?

Julie Eden: No thanks.

Alec Walker: Neither do I. Do you realize we've been sitting here for over an hour without smoking?

Julie Eden: I was just thinking that.

Alec Walker: You know what we ought to do tomorrow?

Julie Eden: Tomorrow?

Alec Walker: Yeah, I'll bring the car around and show you the Indians.

Julie Eden: Indians?

Alec Walker: Real Indians. A branch of the Mohawk.

Alec Walker: Bye, Ellen.

Ellen: Bye, Alec

Julie Eden: Run along sweetie and tell Aunt Laura your back for your bath.

Ellen: Do you want to come in and watch?

Alec Walker: Well, no, not right now.

Ellen: Bye.

Alec Walker: Bye. Nice kid.

Laura: Who was that?

Julie Eden: Oh, just somebody we happened to meet. Names Walker. What have you been doing all afternoon?

Laura: What have you been doing?

Julie Eden: We had lunch and then, well, you know.

Laura: Yes, I know!

Julie Eden: All right, I picked him up. Or, he picked me up. I'm not sure which. Anyway, it was all pretty raw. I shouldn't be surprised if he drank or even worse. Oh, I'm sorry darling. But, you're always so suspicious Whenever you see a man you immediately think, well, you know.

Suzanne: Alec, darling, where have you been?

Alec Walker: Hello, Suzanne. It looks as though your spouse is soused.

Alec Walker: Even when we're alone you can do it.

Maida Walker: Do what dear?

Alec Walker: Make it look as if I'd beaten you and make me feel I want to.

Suzanne: I told you I had to see you.

Alec Walker: Now that you've found me, what about it?

Suzanne: Honestly, Alec, you're so direct!

Alec Walker: You're not exactly oblique yourself.

Suzanne: Merely because I happen to think you're attractive, you want me to throw my whole life away. What kind of a person do you think I am anyway?

Alec Walker: An Easter bunny.

Alec Walker: You call that love, huh?

Suzanne: Who are you to be so high and mighty about love? You and that thing you've got with Maida! Of all the shams I've ever seen, that's the worst. You didn't think you could make a fool out of me, did you?

Alec Walker: I tried.

Alec Walker: You and I were getting to be good friends and I don't want that spoiled.

Julie Eden: There's nothing to spoil. We had a lot of fun, that's all. It was yesterday and that's over.

Alec Walker: Its not over. How can it be over?

Julie Eden: I'm afraid I'm going to be terribly busy. I'm trying to get some sketches off to New York. Would you mind? I'm terribly rushed.

Alec Walker: You don't want to see me again, is that it?

Julie Eden: Oh, of course not. We'll probably run into each other. People usually do in the country. But, I don't think there should be any more picnics.

Manager - Tony's Cafe: Glad to see you come in so regular, Mr. Walker. You know, I like to have your kind of folks. You might drop the word to your friends.

Alec Walker: Tony, when my friends start coming here, I stop.

Alec Walker: Can you cook? Can you sew? Can you take care of a man from the start that he's not been accustomed to? Got to know those things before I can give you a license.

Julie Eden: What?

Alec Walker: License. Not for a dog. The other kind. Oh, by the way, will you marry me?

Julie Eden: All right, I love you. I'll scrawl it on fences. I'll paint it on a banner and wear it across my chest.

Julie Eden: Yes, darling, I'm coming. Wait for me.

Alec Walker: [First lines] You won't catch anything that way.

Julie Eden: Well, I might.

Julie Eden: Why didn't you tell me that in the first place?

Alec Walker: I didn't want to stop you. I like watching you.

Julie Eden: You know, there's something about men! I don't know.

Laura: You don't know what men are! You don't know anything about them. Underneath you're still as romantic and as full of illusions as any school girl.

Julie Eden: What's wrong with romance? And what's wrong with illusions as far as that goes if you can keep them?

Laura: You'll find out! Someday.

Alec Walker: Look, darling, suppose there were no Maida? Supposing since the first day we met there never had been a Maida?

Alec Walker: Well, now, it's all settled. Isn't it? Well, dear, where are my slippers?

Alec Walker: That's just a lot of words. Can't you see that words don't make sense any more?

Alec Walker: Oh, Suzanne, you wouldn't. Surely, you wouldn't. You know, when the cat's away, the mouse will play.

Suzanne: It might be a mouse and it might be a rat. But, if it does play, why can't it play with me?

Maida Walker: Go on back. There's no reason for a goodbye scene, is there?

Alec Walker: Oh, I just want to thank you again. I do thank you, you know.

Maida Walker: It's all so sporting. The way it is in books.

Alec Walker: Or prizefights.

Alec Walker: Know where we are?

Julie Eden: [Wearing a blind fold] Valley Forge?

Alec Walker: No.

Julie Eden: Well, that's supposed to be a joke. Do you know why I said Valley Forge?

Alec Walker: No.

Julie Eden: Because I knew I wasn't even warm. Get it?

Alec Walker: Well, I see it all now. The world would be a better place to live in if men didn't buy wallpaper.

Julie Eden: And women didn't buy neckties.

Alec Walker: It's a deal.

Alec Walker: Come with me madame, I'll show you where the animals sleep.

[Escorts Julie to the bedroom]

Alec Walker: Pardon me, madame, do you snore?

Julie Eden: No.

Alec Walker: Oh, well, I guess I'll have to buy an alarm clock, won't I?

Telephone Operator: Mr. Alec Walker, calling Mrs. Alec Walker, Ritz Hotel, Paris. Mr. Walker's ready. Go ahead, please.

Julie Eden: Darling, I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse.

Alec Walker: Well, I doubt if they serve them; however, we'll try.

Alec Walker: Scotch, please. Then bring me a hot toddy.

Julie Eden: [Last lines] We were both dreaming, darling. But, now, its true.