Philippe: [as Louis] I became King on my fifth birthday. By my sixth I learned not to offer encouragement. Sooner or later everyone comes to me.

Philippe: [as Louis] A king fears tradition more than he does assassination. There is a chance for me to escape assassination but not tradition. It's one of the unfortunate things connected with being King.

Philippe: There is one law in life, my brother, that not even a king can escape... the law of retribution!

Philippe: [as Louis in the torture chamber] I know how well you love complete power, Fouquet, but you will never know complete power until you are obeyed in a place like this.

D'Artagnan: How could your brother be such a monster?

D'Artagnan: You've suffered enough. You can be King, or you can be free. Which is it?

Philippe: Take me to where the Crown of France is to be found.

Colbert: [after Fouquet has just killed his wife] Where are you going?

D'Artagnan: After a murderer!

[Last lines]

Princess Maria Theresa: He was a brave man. France will always need brave men.

Philippe: And brave women to remind them of their duty. God save France!

Fouquet: [With contempt] Let me congradulate you, my friend, but then you always had the most annoying habit of bringing about the things you wish to bring about. Most amusing comedy - worthy of so great a playwright!

Colbert: As a fellow playwright you understand how narrow the line dividing comedy and tragedy.

Fouquet: Quite right, and I'm afraid His Majesty's executioner will provide the tragedy when this charming little comedy is finished.

Colbert: His Majesty's executioner could provide the tragedy before the comedy is finished.

Porthos: [Seeing nine soldiers matched against him and his three musketeer friends] Is the King being frugal? Only nine men?

First Officer: And ninety more outside!

Porthos: [With bravado] Flatterer!

D'Artagnan: Bravery is only great when there is no chance.

Philippe: Thank you my friend. I appreciate everything you've done for me.

Colbert: I hope France will appreciate everything you've done for her.

Philippe: [Seeing that D'Artagnan is wounded] Are you hurt?

D'Artagnan: Always remember to lick your wounds after the battle.

Commandant of the Bastille: I have a better cure for madness than any doctor.

Philippe: [as Louis] So they don't like the salt tax? DOUBLE IT!

D'Artagnan: [Dying] Congratulations, my son. Now you will be the greatest swordsman in France.

Philippe: [In his cell] I hope you bring me liberty.

Colbert: More than liberty, I bring you opportunity.

Philippe: All I need is opportunity.

D'Artagnan: We're through with running!