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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The same year as this Columbia crime drama, they also released another B film called "My Son is Guilty". The two films had little in common outside the coincidence that someone's darling baby boy was a bad boy. Here, he's Alan Baxter, the son of a retiring police officer (Willard Robertson) who would love nothing more than to see his son enter the force and follow in his footsteps.

    But years of watching his father struggle has Baxter anxious to make money a faster way, through the rackets under the legitimately seeming yellow cab company which is a front for various criminal acts. His girlfriend (Julie Bishop) would love to see Baxter enter the police force, a suggestion his best friend forensic scientist Gordon Oliver highly supports.

    This is entertaining and fast moving but not really detailed with motivation, and the B level cast and cliched writing keeps it as a standard second string "crime doesn't pay" style moral lesson. Columbia's stylish filming on unused A sets, along with some outdoor shots, aides this in keeping the viewer engrossed, but it's one of those films that had I not written about it would easily forget by the day after.