George Milton: It ain't your fault, but look, if a fella steps on a round pebble and he falls down, breaks his neck, it ain't the pebble's fault, but the guy wouldn't a done it if the pebble hadn't been there.

Lennie: You want I should go away and leave you alone?

George Milton: Where could you go?

Lennie: Oh, I could... I could go right up in them hills and some place find a cave.

George Milton: How'd ya eat? You aint' got sense enough to find somethin' to eat.

Lennie: Oh, I'd find some things. I don't need no fancy foods like beans with ketchup! I could lay out in the sun where nobody'd hurt me.

George Milton: I been mean to ya. Ain't I?

Lennie: Well, if you don't want me you only just gotta say so. I can go right up in them hills and live by myself and I won't get no birds stole from me.

George Milton: Somebody'd shoot you for a coyot if you were by yourself. Better stay with me.

George Milton: You had a cigarette and a drink and a look at a pretty dress, and it cost you fifteen bucks! You just shot a week's pay to walk on that red carpet!

Candy: A week's pay? Sure, but I worked weeks all my life. I don't remember none of them weeks, but this - nearly twenty years ago - I remember that.

George: I guess they're about done. Ready? You got enough beans there for four men.

Lennie: I like 'em with ketchup.

George: I told you we ain't got none! Whatever we ain't got, that's what you want! If I was alone I could live so easy. The end of the month I could take my 50 bucks and go into town, get whatever I want - a gallon of whiskey, set up a pool room, play cards or shoot pool. And what do I get? I get you!

George Milton: It's lonesome for a guy to be without a dog.

Mae: Who busted your hand, Curley?

Curley: I told ya, I got it caught in a machine.

Mae: I saw that machine last night!

Curley: They told ya?

Mae: Why didn't you tell your old man, so he could can him?

Curley: The double crossin'...

Mae: I'll tell you why! Cause you were scared, if you'd talk, they'll talk too. You were scared you'd get the horse laugh... like I'm giving ya now! HA HA HA HA HA HA! Just a punk with a crippled hand! HA HA HA HA HA...

Curley: I ain't even gonna slug ya! I'm going upstairs and pack your junk. You're gettin' out of here! You and me are through!

Mae: ONE TWO! The old one-two! HA HA HA HA HA...

[laughter turns into sobbing]

Slim: A guy don't need no sense to be a nice fella.

Slim: I wish somebody'd shoot me when I get old.

Candy: Seems to me like Curly's worse since he got married. Like he's sittin' on an ant hill.

Whit: It ain't a guy's dog that matters, it's the way a guy feels about his dog.

George Milton: [to Slim as they are washing up] It ain't so funny about me and Lennie travelin' together. We growed up together. At first I made fun of Lennie. I use to play jokes on him 'cause he was too dumb to take care of himself. He was too dumb to even know when jokes was being played on him. You know, it made me seem smart alongside of 'em.

Crooks: Suppose George went to town tonight, you heard of him no more. Just supposin'.

Lennie: [upset] He won't do that. George won't leave me. He'll come back. Don't you think he will?

Crooks: You want me to tell you what would happen? They would take you to a booby hatch. They'll tie you up with a collar like a dog. Then you'd be just like me. Living in a kennel.

Mae: Well, aren't you gonna take me to the movies? Like you promised?

Curley: I seen it the other night with some of the boys.

Mae: Thanks for sending the big guy out. I gotta talk to you.

Slim: You got nothing to say to me.

Mae: Please, Slim. I gotta talk to somebody or I'll go crazy. Please let me. I ain't meant to live like this. I'd leave this place only I got no money. My Mother won't take me back. I only married Curley 'cause I wanted to get away from her. Maybe I oughtn't a be saying this but I don't like Curley.

MaeSlim: No you oughtn't. You oughtn't a be here. You oughtn't a talk to me or to any guy on the ranch. Go on back to the house where you belong. I don't want to listen to your troubles. You got no troubles except what you bring on yourself. Go on, lady.

Mae: [She cries as he moves away]

Slim: [to himself] Poor kid. I should'a let her talk.

Mae: [to Lennie] You're goofy. But you're kind of a nice fella. Just like a big baby.

Candy: George?

George Milton: Yeah?

Candy: I shouldn't a oughta let no stranger shoot my dog. I shoulda shot my dog myself, George.

Slim: Carlson's right, Candy. That poor dog ain't no good to himself. I wish somebody'd shoot me when I get old and crippled.

Candy: [choked up] Maybe it would hurt him. I don't mind taking care of him.

Carlson: He'd be better off dead. The way I'd shoot him he wouldn't feel nothin'.

George Milton: [speaking of Lennie] He ain't no cuckoo. He's dumb, but he ain't crazy.

Crooks: Come on in. You might as well. Everybody's coming in. Kinda like a race track.

Candy: Curly's like a lot of little guys. He hates big guys. Kinda like he's mad at em, 'cause he ain't a big guy. You've seen a lotta little guys, ain't ya? always spattin'

Lennie: George?

George Milton: What do you want?

Lennie: Where are we going?

George Milton: Forget that already, did you?

Lennie: I forgot. I tried not to forget, honest I did.

George Milton: Ok, Ok. I'll tell you again. I got nothin' else to do. Might as well spend my time telling you things you forget. You forget 'em, I'll tell you again.

Lennie: I tried and tried but it didn't do no good. I remember about the rabbits, George.

George Milton: Oh, yeah. The only thing you can remember are those rabbits.