Tony Croy: Before you start asking any questions, I better get you a glass of brandy.

Sally Reardon: Oh, I don't want any brandy. I'd just like to take my clothes off.

Tony Croy: Go right ahead. I never argue with a lady.

Tony Croy: That's alright with me, baby. You take the romance and I'll take the diamonds. Now, you don't really have to worry about me. I caught that daffy Mrs. Reardon in my apartment this afternoon. She's wise to us and knows we've been meeting. She found a cigarette case you gave me years ago. Of course, it will take the dame some time to put two and two together. But, when she does...

Mrs. Nacelle: How'd she find out? You told her just to...

Tony Croy: I did nothing of the sort. Those dumb dames always stumble on things.

Tony Croy: You know, you don't make very many mistakes baby, but you certainly made one when you forgot to divorce me before you married this Wall Street sucker. Now then, are you going to give me the stuff or do I have to be nasty and carry tales.