At around 5 minutes into the film, Sally Reardon (Virginia Bruce) holds up her middle finger towards husband William Reardon (Melvyn Douglas), inadvertently flipping him the bird. At the beginning of the film Sally wakes up with a ribbon tied around her middle finger in order to remember something, but doesn't recall until a phone call during breakfast - that William had an important meeting at his office with his client Mr. Stone (Paul Harvey). As innocent as this seems, audiences in 1938 would most likely have known what that gesture really meant. If this scene aired on modern day broadcast television, her finger would be blurred out.

The $83.75 Bill spends on baby gear is worth $1521.42 in 2019.

The TMC version has the wrong cast

The second of what was intended to be a series of films with the husband and wife team of the Reardon's. Virginia Bruce replaced Joan Blondell as Sally in this film. As one source stated, this series was to be Columbia's answer to MGM's popular "Thin Man" series that starred William Powell and Myrna Loy.